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    Im hoping someone can help me out with this. When ever i turn on the data/edge/gprs services, an E appears on the status bar but internet works sometimes and mostly it doesnt work. Safari and Opera give me the same page load error as it finds that internet is not connected.

    Does anybody else faces the same issue? Could this be coz of incorrect jailbroken iphone? My telecom provider says its an iphone issue. I have a 3gs at ios4.2.1
    2011-07-18 10:22 PM
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    Its an apn settings issue. You need to find out which carrier you are on and add their apn settings to your cellular data network. Try using Unlockit. Its an apn changer and will help with installing the correct apn profile to your device.
    2011-07-18 10:27 PM
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    But the problem with unlockit is that it does not have my country's carrier settings. I live in Pakistan and the website does not have our carriers in the list. So is there any other way around this?
    2011-07-20 09:36 PM
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    You can check for your apn settings here and see if they have it

    Carrier APN Settings MyCaribBerry's Blog

    or call the carrier and find out what apn settings are used on your network.

    Once you have it just install the apn through the cellular data network
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    2011-07-20 09:46 PM