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    Okay off to Apple Store tomorrow morning. it won't restore a single firmware. How can i check if my phone has no jailbreaking stuff into it? my phone was once called 'Deafs iPhone' now it has went from that to this 'iPhone'. surely that means all jailbroken is away if i tried to install official firmware for the past 24-48 hours
    2011-07-22 01:42 AM
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    Another questions how can I check all the jailbroken stuff is off?! So does jailbreak only mean cydia? Or can i use redsn0w to install firmware without cydia? I have new errors 1601 so had to do the pwn DFU then it still didn't work. I know Apple will find out it jailbroken. However tried before my phone was called Dannys iPhone then i tried to updated it thousands of times it is now named iphone i reckon that all the jailbroken stuff is off at the phone is wiped.

    here is my current iTunes Picture:

    2011-07-22 02:07 PM
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