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    Hi guys,

    i would like to know,if and how i can backup my jailbroken system from my old iphone to my new.
    reason: my iphone got lots of problems,as i became it i alreary wondered,that i must push the homebutton very hard,it didnt care about that,later i saw that when i put the cable in,the slot in the device is awry,also no problem,but now i checked,that it rattles when i shake it,there is dust under the displayglass and the glas is also not glued properly,so i want a new one.
    but my biggest problem is that i took a lot of time to optimize it for my needs,i dont want to spend the same time again on the new device so back to the question,is it possible to just copy the one os and all apps,settings etc from one device to the other one,so i dont need to search all apps again,make setting etc? if yes,how i can make it?
    maybe for you idevice pros its a stupid question but im not sure,if its done with just backing it up in itunes and then just synchronize it to the new one.

    thanks, Wilson
    2011-07-20 02:42 PM
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    ...is it possible to just copy the one os and all apps,settings etc from one device to the other one,...
    No .... There are methods to copy the entire contents, but they won't work after a restore.

    The best backup/restore methods use a combination of iTunes for Apple Stuff and one or more Cydia utilities for jailbroken apps & tweeks. Check out PkgBackup, AppBackup, AptBackup. All of these will assist to restore Cydia apps.
    2011-07-20 03:58 PM
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    mhhh damned...then best will be when i start by zero,anyway everything better than a loose displayglass...

    thank you mate

    and restoring the old one back to factory status i can by just make a fw-update? bcs of guarantee.

    2011-07-20 05:43 PM
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    The easiest (and quickest) way to return to stock mode is to restore.

    Note: Those who have installed the iPad 6.15.x baseband must use a different technique because iTunes will report a baseband update error.
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    2011-07-20 06:23 PM
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    thanks a lot mate

    hope i will get the new one as fast as possible,first i never wanted any idevices bcs of itunes(i like to plug my phone,mp3-player and stuff just to pc and copy my files without any programs) but after i found out about jailbreaking,im addicted to my iphone(btw i forgot to say that i have an 3GS with fw 4.2.1 and greenpoison jb) since i have it i use my pc very rarely,only to play bf2 sometimes ;D

    and finally with this forum i found a perfect support for my problems have the modmyi-app and will try to help also when i can

    thx again
    2011-07-20 10:57 PM
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    No problem.

    2011-07-20 10:59 PM