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    Any idea what happened?

    I used redsn0w for this specific jailbreak, but I've used a few other jailbreak apps as well on other phones. Though, when doing this phone for my sister who's on 4.3.3 and had the 4.10 modem firmware, after a week of her using the phone she began getting "No Service" fairly frequently. She's on AT&T and is using a legit data/calling plan.

    I then restored the phone to factory setting and am still getting the "No Service" error which occasionally goes on and goes off. Today she went to AT&T who tried a new SIM and is still getting the same issue. They recommended taking it to Apple (which she is planning to do).

    Am I missing something? Did I just brick the phone?
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    2011-07-20 11:48 PM
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    ********** Is pirating .
    Sorry u wont get any help here .
    2011-07-21 12:07 AM
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    Welcome to MMi. Please review the forum rules. We don't condone piracy. Now that you are aware of that, here's what I can advise

    Be sure the device is restored to factory settings and set up as new. Restoring from back up could cause this problem as previous data could've been carried over and can cause conflict.

    If that fails, of course taking it to Apple is the best solution.
    2011-07-21 01:28 AM
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    Thanks for the reply..

    I ended up restoring to factory setting when I couldn't figure out what was going on and gave up. I would've thought that this would solve the No Service problems but even after that, she's still having problems on her phone.

    This is what surprised me the most as I would've thought a complete restore would take care of everything.

    She's actually got an appointment to take it to the Apple store but I just would really like to understand what I did wrong. Any ideas?
    2011-07-21 01:32 AM
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    Like I said, it's likely caused by restoring from a backup and not setting the device up as new. Regardless of factory restore, if restoring from a backup after the initial factory restore, it could cause potential problems that might've existed before or exists now because of conflict. Aside from that, there really wouldn't be any other possibility besides a hardware failure.
    2011-07-21 01:38 AM