1. iYeow's Avatar
    You need to restore again either from recovery mode or dfu mode.
    2011-07-31 02:09 AM
  2. imjusme83's Avatar
    Hello im kinda a noob with the iphone 4 but heres what happen i am on 4.33,i jailbroke at jailbreakme.com and cydia was stuck on the pre load up screen so i re installed cydia and restarted it and i was in the infinate loop thing put it in dfu mode and i am now in dfu mode and nothing will get it out ive tryed the ifaith thing with the signed ipsw and got 1600 error and ive tryed the regular ipsw and got 3194 error and always get error like 37,1600,1602 and ive tryed the ireb,tu and fixrecovery i get all the way to the part where its almost done and get these errors please help me !
    2011-08-01 05:37 AM
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