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    Hi everybody.. I am willing to pay a $100 upfront retainer and a further $900 on successful recovery of my iphone data including Notes, for a qualified someone to remotely guide me on steps through email exchange/Remote Desktop Assistance/skype.

    I have a previously unjailbroken 3GS with 4.1 that is in Recovery Mode, not restored, with SHSH blobs saved recently via iFaith (=limera1n. N.B., FixRecovery=Greenpois0n was unable to mount fs).

    As a nondeveloper myself things like figuring out ramdisk errors etc are becoming way over my head to go down that route without a wingman. There are solutions out there to the encryption problem; Zdiarski method uses the phone's chip itself to decrypt the image, other methods write a custom IPSW to restore without wiping NAND (effectively turning the restore into an upgrade). Please email me through the private message feature with a brief bio/link evidencing of your satisfactory skillz for the job and the general approach you will start off with, and we'll get a convo going. This is a serious offer. Thanks.
    2011-07-30 07:57 PM