1. Texaslonghorns's Avatar
    I used iFile to add the coding needed to run homescreen wallpaper and multitasking onto my iPhone 3G, and while the homescreen wallpaper hasn't caused me any problems the multitasking can freeze quite frequently, especially (I've noticed), when using an app such as Pandora. Is there another way to more efficiently use the iPhone's native multitasking feature on an iPhone 3G? I had been using Winterboard for a while but it sapped my battery life and created some glitchy screen animations.
    2011-07-31 11:57 PM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    There is ztoggle in cydia. Although not sure how well multitasking works in general on a iPhone 3G.
    2011-08-01 12:03 AM
  3. ihappy's Avatar
    There is ztoggle in cydia. Although not sure how well multitasking works in general on a iPhone 3G.
    I've played with the multitasking on a 3G and it was absolutely dreadful. It was never meant for a 3G hence why it runs so sluggish and often freezes. They just don't play well together.
    2011-08-01 01:16 AM
  4. Orby's Avatar
    General multitasking is positively appalling on the 3G.

    The "glitchy screen animations" you're referring to are the lack of the normal "multitask swap" animations in the 3G's IPSW (its GPU just can't handle the animations in an "Apple acceptable" way apparently). The freezing can be attributed to the iPhone's very limited RAM capacity (128 MiB with about 60-65 MiB being used by the system at any time)--the device can only feasibly run one app at a time.

    In short, there's not really a good way to use native multitasking on the 3G.
    2011-08-01 03:53 AM
  5. i.Annie's Avatar
    Native multitasking might be smoother and less buggy if wallpaper was not enabled as well. Even then running on any iOS 4 for an iPhone 3G is just not ... nice. I've always used backgrounder+multifl0w anyhow, it seems to be a better multitasking system than the native one. Just my opinion though.
    2011-08-01 07:14 AM
  6. Mes's Avatar
    With 3G's limited memory, never seriously considered multi-tasking as an option on 4.x. Also disabled spotlight (with NoSpot), disabled VoiceControl, cleaned unused language packs and LaunchDaemons. Using only stock wallpaper. Left everything else behind. Performance is acceptable but not great.
    2011-08-01 07:31 AM