1. xboxbml's Avatar
    I have 3GS with 4.2.1 jb with gp rc 6.1 and it works beautiful! No problems here!...good luck!
    2011-08-05 01:41 AM
  2. myp2's Avatar
    i have the 3g and have seen many comments that 3g wont work with greenposion?
    I might give snowbreeze a go, but why do i use redsnow to get into dfu?
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    2011-08-05 01:47 AM
  3. iYeow's Avatar
    Don't use GreenPoison on 3G ,it won't work, go with redsnow
    2011-08-05 02:50 AM
  4. myp2's Avatar
    this version -redsnow rc8 ? this wont put me on ipad bb ?

    so snowbreeze wont put my phone into dfu mode?
    2011-08-05 04:13 AM
  5. iYeow's Avatar
    2011-08-05 04:39 AM
  6. myp2's Avatar
    just checking again before i do it this will leave my phone untethered and on 5.15.04 bb?
    2011-08-05 05:48 AM
  7. iYeow's Avatar
    You haven't got it working yet ?

    Just reread your iPhone info , you have a factory unlock iPhone so baseband does not matter to you . If you want features but a bit lag and slow in speed go with 4.2.1
    If you want speed and performance , go with 3.1.3 , both gives you untethered jailbreak.

    Next time just mention unlock is not important or u have a factory unlock iPhone.
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    2011-08-05 06:36 AM
  8. myp2's Avatar
    i've been needing a yes or a no will it leave my phone untethered and on 5.15.04 bb?
    2011-08-05 07:09 AM
  9. xtacy's Avatar
    Dude even he and I told you . Baseband DOESNOT MATTER. just run greenpois0n
    2011-08-05 07:12 AM
  10. myp2's Avatar
    was just told not to use greenposion and here you are saying use it ?????
    Thanks anyway
    2011-08-05 07:14 AM
  11. xtacy's Avatar
    Who told u not to use greenpois0n?!?
    Edit : let me check once
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    2011-08-05 07:16 AM
  12. myp2's Avatar
    i questioned it as many comments said it doesnt work 3g pg3 iyeow
    2011-08-05 07:18 AM
  13. Mes's Avatar
    Who told u not to use greenpois0n?!?
    iYeow in post #43
    2011-08-05 07:19 AM
  14. xtacy's Avatar
    iYeow in post #43
    My bad then . :-(
    Use redsn0w

    I guess coz of 2Kpwn exploit.. I am getting retarded :-(
    2011-08-05 07:20 AM
  15. myp2's Avatar
    thats ok, look i cant afford to stuff this phone. i want to jb like so many others.
    But i have been recommended several different software from the start.
    redsnow rc8 and then greenposion rc5
    snowbreeze and then redsnow - so i then started checking out (snowbreeze)
    redsnow rc6
    i wanted to try the snowbreeze suggestion but it wouldnt put phone into dfu
    2011-08-05 07:35 AM
  16. xtacy's Avatar
    2011-08-05 08:24 AM
  17. myp2's Avatar
    ok so your suggesting redsnow 09.6b4? is this correct?
    if so can you suggest download link. i cannot find one that works tks
    I have just spent hrs looking for this, suggest something please
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    2011-08-05 08:35 AM
  18. xtacy's Avatar

    Also I would suggest u to go back to 3.1.3 .. 4.2.1 was never made for 3G phone runs **** on it...
    2011-08-05 02:02 PM
  19. myp2's Avatar
    thks but the link wont work. and its 0.9.6rc8.
    2011-08-05 02:15 PM
  20. xtacy's Avatar
    Rc8 has bug fixes
    redsn0w_win_0.9.6rc8.zip - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download

    Got it of google ( I am on a phone Chek it ) don't forget to scan it
    2011-08-05 02:31 PM
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