1. urrterrible's Avatar
    I am on AT&T and love my 3.1 operating system. I HATE itunes so I don't update.

    I never got the dreaded text from AT&T about tethering violations and I don't want to update to 4.3 and then start getting them. I don't need to unlock.

    Am I okay to update to the latest and jailbreak and begin tethering again? I use PDAnet and it works flawlessly.

    Thanks in advance...I really don't have the 3 hours it takes to read through all the threads to learn my questions so I appreciate any response.
    2011-08-16 04:57 AM
  2. iYeow's Avatar
    Do you have 4.3.3 shsh blob if you want to upgrade. What is your device ?
    2011-08-16 05:40 AM
  3. urrterrible's Avatar
    3GS. I like 3.1, I have tethering, backgrounder, sbsettings problem is most apps now require 4.x.x

    I read somewhere 4.2.1 is the best for 3GS.

    I am grandfathered for unlimited data and I heard the 4.x update allows att to see if you are tethering although I heard the pdanet has a workaround to hide this...
    2011-08-16 08:22 AM
  4. xboxbml's Avatar
    Yeah I have 3GS with 4.2.1 jb with greenp0ison rc6.1. 4.2.1 is best for 3GS! 4.3 and above wrecks the phone. Sluggish and jerky. Fluidity is gone...mine works great!
    2011-08-16 11:49 AM