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    Hi all

    I have an iphone 3g on 3.1.3 and I want to unlock and keep the GPS I have tried to restore it to custom 4.1 and 4.2.1 but it fails on both times.

    It is now stuck on the itunes cable logo and it will not exit recovery.

    I really do not want to restore it to 4.1 as Ill have to use the 6.15 badeband

    Any help would be great

    thanks in advance
    2011-08-20 03:55 PM
  2. xtacy's Avatar
    Restore to stock 3.1.3 from iTunes.
    2011-08-20 04:25 PM
  3. micksack's Avatar
    Ok ill try that what do I do after that as I want it on 4.x to run the newer apps
    2011-08-20 04:35 PM
  4. Mes's Avatar
    A custom built 4.x firmware restore with Pwnage or Sn0wbreeze will preserve your baseband and unlock.

    Apple is approving 4.1 today, so it's no problem. If you have SHSH blobs, then other 4.x iOS versions can be restored too. So .. if you use a custom built firmware ... and ... have SHSH blobs, you can restore any 4.x firmware and preserve your baseband and lock.

    On a 3G iOS 3.1.3 is the best. Any iOS 4.x is sluggish and slow.
    Newer apps will run, but likely you won't be so happy.

    Note: If you always load a custom 4.x firmware ... the iPad 6.15 BB is not required on any iOS version

    Note2: Ultrasn0w unlocks 3.1.3 baseband, so a custom firmware is not required.
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    2011-08-20 05:18 PM
  5. micksack's Avatar
    thanks for all the info its back on 3.1.3 and am jailbreaking it now with jailbreakme.com.

    I have shsh for 4.1 and 4.2.1 and I did a restore with apple using custom firmware and as I said it failed both times so maybe I need to do a restore with TU ???
    2011-08-20 06:08 PM
  6. Mes's Avatar
    ...using custom firmware and as I said it failed both times so maybe I need to do a restore with TU ???
    What iTunes error?
    If 1015, use Tiny Umbrella 'exit recovery'

    Also, restoring 4.2.1 requires one more thing. TU + TSS server running before starting the restore.
    2011-08-20 06:12 PM
  7. micksack's Avatar
    Cant remember what error was, but is there any point in going up to 4.x if the phone will be to slow
    2011-08-20 06:14 PM
  8. Mes's Avatar
    We recommend 3.1.3.

    If you need 4.x compatibility for some apps ... then it will be slow.

    You get to choose what is more important: speed or apps
    2011-08-20 06:17 PM
  9. micksack's Avatar
    All done what a great site 2 hours and all done with my iphone on meteor and 3.1.3 will leave it on that for speeds sake.

    Thanks again for all the help
    2011-08-20 06:25 PM
  10. Mes's Avatar
    2011-08-20 06:26 PM