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    I need help guys. For some odd reason, my iPod Touch crashes and goes into Safe Mode for no reason. HOWEVER, it only happens when I apply a Winterboard or Summerboard theme. When I don't have a theme applied, I have no problems. But when I do, it will crash and start in Safe Mode and it will say "Your Springboard has just crashed. Mobile subtrate did not cause this, but saved it." I have tried rebooting it and restoring the iPod MANY times. I still run into this problem. Is there amything I can do to fix it??? I have an iPod touch 4th Gen, iOS 4.3.3, and the Redsn0w mod for iOS 4.3.3 (can't remember the version number off the top of my head).

    P.S. I am not too technologically savvy, but I can try to understand to the best of my ability.
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