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    I have a iPhone 3g which I recently jailbroke (I think with pwnage but tried so many I can't quite remeber for sure!! I have the pineapple logo when it starts anyway!). I had to upgrade the baseband to the ipad as I wanted to jailbreak and unlock 4.2.1 and at the time this was 'apparently' the only way to do this.

    Then I used ultrasn0w to unlock.

    Both of these seemed to work fine.Then the phone was shoved to the back of the drawer as no longer needed.

    I have just decided now that I may as well sell it seeing as I no longer use it but whne I was having a play around with it to make sure everything was working perfectly I had the 'cannot connect to youtube' when I try to open youtube.

    After googling, it seemed that I needed to install pushfix, which I did but still did not work. Then after more googling, I tried Youtube fix (numbers 1, 2 and 3), again, none of which seemed to work. Finally, I tried Pushfix 2.0, but still no joy!!

    Am I missing something? I have tried yet more googling but I cannot seem to find any more ideas?

    Please tell me there is something I can do to make youtube work!! Wifi seems to be working just fine but have just noticed there doesn't seem to be any GPS (have been so fixated on getting YouTube working I hadn't even checked this before now!!).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    2011-09-09 04:47 PM
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    For users without an authorized SIM to activate (highly recommended), SAM ( Subscriber Artificial Module )is the new preferred choice. It will be necessary to restore again to clean prior non-working 'fixes'.

    Location services (Map, etc) will work, however the iPad 6.15.0 BB breaks GPS accuracy.

    Note: Using SAM activates, fixes YouTube and Push.
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    2011-09-09 05:16 PM
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    Do i HAVE to restore? Can't i just uninstall the other fixes? I seem to remember the restore process was a bit of a nightmare!
    2011-09-10 11:34 AM