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    To make a long story short, I'm a very impaitent person who just couldn't wait and read up on jailbreaking but had to do it right away. I have a iphone 3G OS 4.2.1 and ipad BB 06.15.00

    When jailbreaking it I didn't realize that I wasn't stuck with 4.2.1 and thought the ipad baseband was my only option in order to unlock. I also have an itouch, the newest generation which is what I compare the iphone to naturally when using it.

    Problems I am having is mostly lag and speed. Checking a picture on Facebook through their app can be very painful. The phone is laggy whenever I need to unlock it and it's just acting very slow. I've been trying to get some feedback from other iphone 3G owners with the same BB etc but I got nothing. If the phone doesn't have to be this laggy then I want to fix it.

    I used Cydia to unlock the phone, other than that I don't use Cydia at all. All I have from it is the Five Icon Dock add. Somehow the phone has responded well to that add and doesn't lag as much when I flip through apps.

    The second problem is a constant springboard crash as soon as I try to do something, when trying to do a PW reset for my Wordfreud the phone just crashd whenever I tried to click the link in the email which opens up safari. It's all apple standard functions so to me it's making no sense.

    I did try to put an older OS on the phone (3.2.1 to be exact) but couldn't find any help or guides or anything as to how to unlock the phone with the ipad BB. The phone worked great but without it being unlocked I don't really have a use for it.

    Does anyone have any thoughts about what I can do or can anyone confirm that the phone is laggy because it's older and the OS etc is newer? Also, does anyone know how to unlock a phone on 3.2.1 with a newer BB?
    2011-09-23 10:58 PM
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    For your 3g, you can downgrade to 3.1.3 for speed and performance.
    Put your iphone into dfu mode.
    Run itunes : shift + restore to stock 3.1.3
    Use Exit recovery to kick out error 1015 from TU.
    2011-09-23 11:06 PM
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    That's what I did when I downgraded it to 3.1.2 but I couldn't find any way to unlock it with the firmware being 06.15.00, does 3.1.3 have unlock software that supports the ipad baseband?
    2011-09-23 11:13 PM
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    Oh, i see what you mean. Go to cydia and install Ultrasn0w and reboot iphone, you are now unlocked.
    2011-09-23 11:19 PM
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    Well what happened with 3.1.2 was when I tried to install Ultrasn0w I got a whole bunch of error messages. After the install was finished Cydia would no longer boot and I just got errors everywhere.. it was a vicious circle.. but perhaps I'll have more luck with 3.1.3.
    2011-09-23 11:29 PM
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    What jailbreak did you use on 3.1.2 ?

    You want to try IOS 4.1 and go with redsn0w 0.9.6 b6

    Here : redsn0w beta6
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    2011-09-23 11:31 PM
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    Oh gosh, trying to remember, haha, blackra1n I think was the only jailbreak I got to work properly and the included unlock "Snow" didn't.. do anything. It installed properly but nothing happened.

    Thank you! I will try to bring it down to 4.1 and see what happens. Doubt it can get any worse :P
    2011-09-23 11:41 PM
  8. Mi3G's Avatar
    Can't really say how it's going, itunes is just throwing 1600 errors at me. Trying to find a guide that matches my version
    2011-09-24 12:46 AM
  9. iYeow's Avatar
    Itunes 10.1 or 10.2 but i don't think 10.4 will have any problem, will work on 4.1 , put your iphone into normal dfu mode or even recovery mode.

    You can try using ireb to put iphone into pwned dfu mode as well
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    2011-09-24 12:54 AM
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    Thank you tons man, I downgraded it to 4.1 and tried using it the way I plan on and the difference is huge, this is so much better. Thank you for taking the time to guide me through it.
    2011-09-24 03:55 AM
  11. iYeow's Avatar
    You are welcome and enjoy your jailbroken iphone again.
    2011-09-24 04:12 AM