1. jerrykb's Avatar
    I had SHSH blobs luckily and used this to return to an un JB CLEAN 4.2.1. I did this because battery drain bece terrible!! Never had this issue before and not sure if a Cydia app or setting did it, regardless, back to fresh un JB 4.2.1. The question is what options do I have for an unteathered JB--unlocking is not an option as I am on 1 BB over 05.12.04--so I'm waiting like everyone else.

    I used GP ON THE LAST 4.2.1---are there any other unteathered JB for me?. Seems as if the new web based Jailbreakme will only work on the IPhone 4.

    Thanks so much!!
    2011-09-28 05:31 PM
  2. iYeow's Avatar
    What is your device and do you need unlock?
    2011-09-28 06:13 PM