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    You should check out a tool called iPhone Backup Extractor, it's incredibly useful if you're having trouble restoring your iPhone content (like contacts, sms, photos, etc) using an Itunes backup. It will simply extract all of the files for all those things, which you can then take and manually install into your newly updated iphone using winscp or iphonebrowser. Unfortunately, it costs money, though I believe they offer a free trial as well.
    Another tool I'd suggest for people to checkout if they are looking for a good iphone explorer is a program called iSpirit. iSpirit accesses iDevices via USB, and has all the caveats that are available to WinSCP users. It's not a very widely known tool, but it is probably the best one i have used thus far.

    It's a shame there still isn't a viable backup/restore tool to use when updating iOS firmware.
    What do you mean by overwritten exactly?
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    2014-06-20 07:03 AM
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    2014-06-20 07:34 AM
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    Hello everybody,
    I`ve got exactly the same problem with my iPhone 5S.

    Has anyone restored those files without any problems and how?

    2014-06-20 07:38 AM
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    still useful thank you
    2020-06-01 03:03 PM
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