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    just in time for the iOS5 software launch my jailbreak (pwnage 4.2) on iOS4.2.1 decidely thought it would flip out and bucket a load of app's for no apparent reason. i was performing the simple (apparently) operation of updating some app's of mine when the phone froze. after the reboot i was left without most of my app's and the phone now has additional issues of writing in any app e.g. text, safari like wise.
    no, i don't want iOS5 thanks. i'm 3GS i would prefer to stay exactly where i am. not cause there isn't a untethered solution. mainly cause iOS 5 is builtfor i4's and i4s's processing power and i don't really see what the benefit is as i'd had all the things that the new features have to offer for quite a while now. in fact i have much more, thanks cydia community.

    i have the new boot-rom: iBoot-359.2, BB:5.15.04 firmware. and my iphone is already JB'd. i'm performing the restore as the software has decide not to recognise the app's or should i say the majority of my app's. attaching it to itunes notifies me that the software is mashed cause the coloured info bar is no longer identifying the different types of data on the phone.

    i was following the post below to make a connection to sauriks server in order to restore. i have actually edited my host file via instruction in the "simples" link. my computer didn't break. which is always nice, however, hit a bump at error 1600. most annoying cause every solution i have found point directly to some windows fix, i can't formulate the words of how irritating that is. i think its called iReb. or green poison, which doesn't work on ppc anyway and from what i read offers no current fix to the 1600 error.

    How to edit the hosts file in Mac OS X Leopard Decoding the Web

    Fast switching your /etc/hosts file in Mac OS X The Unlettered Gentleman

    *so far, i have modified the "host" file in order for the server to be checked via sauriks server. i have also saved SHSH's via tinyumbrella and pkage back up (as dropbox is not working the back up isn't very useful). and have tried to follow this method but besides the 1600 error. i have also been presented with a "this phone's software is not eligible for upgrade" when at stage 2. so its not really leaving me with many options currently. functionality isn't the best. its a phone at least. i can't say much about it being very smart.

    so i'm still at it and thought i'd put feeler out there and see if there was any one with some knowledge that could help me by pass the error 1600 so i get my phone restore and back to its previous and brilliant state.

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