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    It's been a while i've posted something, but i thought it would be important to write this for those that are struggling with iTunes error 1 like i was with iPhone 4. I was on 4.3.5 tethered jailbreak on iPhone 4 and i wanted to go stock 4.3.5 i was tired to booting it up with the redsn0w with SHSH backed up in Cydia. Before you begin make sure you have your SHSH saved otherwise you're out of luck.

    Let's begin.

    1. Put your iPhone in DFU mode.

    2. Open TinyUmbrella, go to advanced and UNCHECK all except SET HOSTS ON CYDIA ON EXIT 3rd option as shown on the picture.

    3. Dont close TU. DO NOT click anything else in TU !

    4. Next Open iTunes and iTunes will tell you that you're in Recovery that it needs to restore. HOLD SHIFT find(browse) and select 4.3.5 STOCK firmware.

    5. Once iTunes restores your phone you will get an error 1(if you do get error 1, if not then look for your issues else where on modmyi )

    6. No panic yet ! Now open redsn0w_win_0.9.9b7, Go to EXTRA's as shown in the picture.

    7. Now Select Recovery Fix and follow the rest of the redsnow instructions meaning it will ask you to put your phone in DFU mode while you're still in recovery. Hold POWER BUTTON and HOME BUTTON it will put you in DFU. Phone will do some cool things we're used to seeing and it will boot up. You'll need ATT Simcard to activate the phone once it boots up.

    Now enjoy stock 4.3.5 !

    Comments below i'll help as much as I can. Make sure you read before you ask questions !
    2011-11-05 08:11 AM
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    I have no idea how you figured this out, but you are a savior. I could not for the life of me figure out how to fix error 1.
    2012-01-02 07:11 AM
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    Fix recovery from any redsn0w works.
    2012-01-02 07:51 AM
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    ok my phone is gevey sim so i dont have at&T sim what shud i do???

    i went on redsn0w clicked on jailbreak after that turned my iPhone 4 into DFU mode jailbreaked now its jailbreaked tethered lets see what happens wud this help me boot the device in without asking for my at&T sim card
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    2012-06-09 06:14 PM