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    To properly answer the original question, restoring from a backup does not wipe out any data. You won't lose a jailbreak over it. It's not an actual restore of the entire firmware, it's pulling a backup file and loading it onto the iDevice.

    You can safely use the "restore from backup" option in iTunes via right-clicking your device. It is different from the "restore" in the summary page.
    Huh, learn something everyday. I have always avoided this method. Always felt better starting out fresh and new.
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    2012-04-05 02:41 AM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    I usually don't restore from backup either, but I have to for my family and friends' iDevices bc I don't feel like manually backing their stuff up for them.
    2012-04-05 03:42 AM
  3. 2k1's Avatar
    I did a couple of times
    2012-04-05 03:58 AM
  4. kecskesadam's Avatar
    Guys, if you don't use the restore from backup, then how on earth do you preserve all yout tesx messages, call logs and stuff like that??

    My question is: could someone please tell us, where these stuff are located in the filesystem (for instance in iOS 5.1)?

    2012-04-05 02:31 PM
  5. 2k1's Avatar
    What ya mean like ya backup folder?
    2012-04-05 02:34 PM
  6. kecskesadam's Avatar
    I'd like to save my messages, my call logs, my contacts, and maybe my wifi network passcodes, and then do a clean install.

    I have serious bugs on 5.1 with my 3GS and I'd like to start from scratch.
    2012-04-05 03:00 PM
  7. 2k1's Avatar
    That's where ya backup are located.

    Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
    2012-04-05 04:08 PM
  8. kecskesadam's Avatar

    But I mean where are these stuff located in the iPhone's filesystem. So if I dig into the raw filesystem, where can I find these stuff. Thanks.
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    2012-04-05 04:13 PM
  9. 2k1's Avatar
    Not to sure about that sorry
    2012-04-05 04:42 PM
  10. Simon's Avatar

    But I mean where are these stuff located in the iPhone's filesystem. So if I dig into the raw filesystem, where can I find these stuff. Thanks.
    You can google for each different one if you want to manually dig them out. Better option would be to use a program like juicephone or iphone backup extractor and that will extract your backup for you and seperate it into different things that you can sort through and understand better.
    2012-04-05 06:46 PM
  11. celeron's Avatar
    Agree^ but I doubt he can find a wifi network's password so easily or in plain text. I may be wrong tho.
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    2012-04-05 06:48 PM
  12. i.Annie's Avatar
    Yeah um...it's hard to find every little thing in the device.
    2012-04-05 08:12 PM
  13. jes-13's Avatar
    Anybody ever try just saving the entire phone FS, from / using ssh & something like Filezilla?
    2012-06-05 05:42 AM
  14. i.Annie's Avatar
    SSH? I'm sure there's a way, I don't quite trust it though. Backing up individual folders and whatnot I've done, but not the whole content. I avoid this simply because it could cause conflict. With Apple stock apps, when removing and/or editing part or all of the app(s) some of them become permanently disabled until a restore to factory. This reason alone is why I don't just save the entire contents of the device then copy and paste it into a newly upgraded/restored device. But that's just me.
    2012-06-05 07:14 AM
  15. daniel.mx's Avatar
    i have one quick question, i tried looking for it on the search option but didn't find an answer.

    when i make the backup in iTunes. then i click "Update" in the main menu, and then itunes tells me about making ANOTHER backup, and even tells me i need the amoun need to make it (around 46GB). Is this the same backup? or another backup? should i make it too? or can i ignore it?

    this is mainly becuase i use medical apps and they are more rarely uploaded/updated than other kind of apps.

    thanks in advance
    2012-07-18 07:03 AM
  16. i.Annie's Avatar
    If you create a backup manually in iTunes, and once you click upgrade and it tells you it is creating a backup during, it is creating another backup than the one you created manually prior.
    2012-07-18 07:08 AM
  17. daniel.mx's Avatar
    so i can skip this safely and then restore from the previous i made rigth?

    sorry for the multi-questioning but if i lose those apps i migth never see them again xD. and it's my first time upgrading
    2012-07-18 07:26 AM
  18. i.Annie's Avatar
    Apps don't go anywhere regardless of if you use a backup or not. You will however lose your apps if you don't transfer them to iTunes. If you bought the apps, of course you could always download them again, it'll just take time.

    I believe I wrote a segment on how to transfer existing apps from the phone to iTunes. Be sure to do that.

    You can check if you properly created a backup by right clicking device in iTunes and select "restore from backup" then view the list it provides you. It is labeled by the time and day created.
    2012-07-18 07:35 AM
  19. daniel.mx's Avatar
    oooh!! hahaha that was my fear, i thought apps were deleted when upgrading.

    thank you so much i.Annie! people like you make of this a better place =). i'm not the master of iPod's but if you ever need help getting any medical material i'm your guy!.

    thanks a lot!
    2012-07-18 07:43 AM
  20. i.Annie's Avatar
    I might take up your offer on that

    Glad I could help you out
    2012-07-18 02:24 PM
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