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    people sorry to bring up an old thread, but ive never backed up once on my phone, story is as follows:

    Ive got an iphone 4 32gb model and have had it couple of months after it first came out but i have never updated the IOS from the original 4.0.1 mainly due to being lazy and ive also jailbroken it so also wanted to wait till the other IOS's were able to be jailbroken

    ive got quite a lot of apps downloaded probably more than 120 all mixed with games, maps and everything

    I havent got the original pc i used to intially set up the iphone through itunes, so what is the first stage people, backup everything? what is the easiest way to do this as pictures are not a problem but what about all my converted videos and contact? im more concerned about them more than the apps but then if i can also save the apps i'll be greatfull
    2013-01-02 10:20 PM
  2. ifonemebollox's Avatar
    Thanks, but your wrong... Just restored from an earlier back up & everything I need is back, w/ my jaibreak in tact.
    same here. i somehow restored & mines is jailbroken once again
    2013-12-04 05:42 PM
  3. Zizi6's Avatar
    Why would someone backup/restore versus setting up phone as new? I have a jailbroken phone but am having problems with it, namely not having Cydia any longer. When I tried to jailbreak again, it said it couldn't be done since the device was already jailbroken. I'm missing all my jailbroken apps and yet one is working (even though I can't see it or get into Cydia). I'm so confused and not sure how to correct the problem. Any thoughts?
    2014-01-09 12:07 AM
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