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    So I've been running 4.3.3 and I wasnt getting notifications from couple of apps so I decided I should try out the new iOS now that theres an untethered jb out. Hence I rely on my baseband [gevey] I used snowbreeze to create the custom ispw. Connecting it to itunes, selecting the firmware, snowbreeze icon pops on my screen and it starts loading until 10%. At that point I got an error 10 in Itunes. Oh damn. Rebooted the phone and googled what that error meant, and all I could find is that I needed to upgrade my iTunes. Now iTunes gets stuck in "preparing to restore". Any suggestions? Is my phone firmware screwed up? [I couldnt kick it out of recovery with tinyumbrella, keeps comming back to same state]

    Ok I managed at least to get past that 3194 error [restoring back to 4.3.3] any idea how can I get rid of preparing to restore loop? =\
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    2012-01-01 06:54 PM
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    Small, risky idea for you.

    1. Unplug your iDevice.
    2. Download the latest version of iTunes. While it are doing that, create another custom .ipsw with the latest version of Sn0wbreeze (make sure you download the correct stock .ipsw as well for your iDevice)
    3. Install iTunes. Reboot your computer after the install.
    4. Open iTunes and insert your iDevice. Wait for your iDevice to show up.
    5. Press Shift+Restore, and select your custom .ipsw (you must have the SHSH blob for it)
    6. Wait for iTunes to restore your iDevice.
    2012-01-03 06:27 AM