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  1. boylsie's Avatar
    im on 4.3.3 JB and im trying to upgrade to 5.0.1 to get corona quickly.
    so ive got the 5.0.1 stock and ive put it in snowbreeze to make the tethered jailbreak ipsw
    so now i use redsnow and put it into pwned DFU mode and run tiny umbrella (not the latest one as whenever i run it as admin it says im not and wont let me run tss server) and uncheck the set host file to cydia.
    i then open itunes and shift restore to the snowbreeze ipsw

    but i always get error 11?
    help please

    2012-01-06 07:47 AM
  2. thecrunked's Avatar
    dont build a tethered jailbreak firmware, either just upgrade in itunes (if you don't care about unlock) or build a baseband preservation mode ipsw (if you care about unlock) i always get stupid errors when using prejailbroken ipsw for some reason. then when its restored, just do a jailbreak with the latest redsn0w
    2012-01-06 03:55 PM