1. bwyand92's Avatar
    Ok so basically got kinda screwed on craigslist. Bought a brand new iphone 3gs sealed in the box. Figured a guy just got it as a free upgrade from atnt and was just flipping it.

    Long story short I put my sim card in and it says I need to know the previous owners last 4 social security numbers or else it wont let me activate.

    Anyways I know its on 5.0 because it has the iCloud on the box. I know I can do a tethered jailbreak, but this is not ideal for me since I re sell on ebay.

    Can I jailbreak, and somehow update to 5.0.1 and do an untethered jailbreak?
    2012-01-29 06:04 AM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    It's blocked, that's why it's asking for the original owner's SSN. It likely won't work even with jailbreaking and unlocking. You could try, but usually this means the device is blocked and the original owner reported it this way.

    Edit: hit upgrade in iTunes. When it gets to 5.0.1, try to activate it. If it fails, jb it with the newest redsn0w. If after jailbreaking and you still can't access the device, it's blocked. Nothing can unblock it except the original owner who reported it lost/stolen.
    2012-01-30 01:16 AM