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  1. bartonian's Avatar
    I tried googling and searching for my error but I couldn't find anything on the exact problem that keeps popping up.

    For starters - iPhone 3gs running 4.1 Firmware 5.14.02 on MacBook Pro.

    Used Pwnagetool 4.1 to create custom ISPW. Created it and saved to desktop, then used iTunes 10.5.2 to try to use that custom ISPW while in DFU mode. Once I select the custom ISPW in iTunes a box pops up to verify that I will be erasing everything, and I hit Restore. Then Extracting software loads in iTunes, then verifying iPhone loads, and then Preparing iPhone for restore loads twice and then an error message pops up which reads: "The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1600)."

    SO i googled that and read up on iREB v2.2 for mac which gets rid of all errors. Once I launch that I hit YES because I figure I have the Libusb since it's in the [MAC] iH8sn0w - IREB V2.2 folder that I downloaded. But apparently I don't have it downloaded because I keep seeing the error

    sh: line 0: cd: / No such file or directory
    The file /LibUSB.pkg does not exist.

    Any help would be extremely apprectiated, thank you!
    2012-02-05 10:36 PM
  2. iYeow's Avatar
    Did you use pwned dfu mode prior restoring to custom firmware.
    2012-02-06 08:35 AM