1. Trajce10's Avatar
    I was reading on your webpage alottt, and i need to ask something:
    I have an iPhone 4 , iOS 4.3.3 jailbreak & unlocked (with geveysim) with i think baseband 4.10.01
    I have saved SHSH with redsnow 0.9.10b6
    I did (NO BB update custom firmware 5.0.1) from the 5.0.1 firmware that i downloaded.
    I entered PWNED DFU mode with Redsnow also i tried the same with iReb because errors from iTunes

    First of all had errors in iTunes while restore+SHIFT like 3194 (fixed that) after that i had error 1601 & 1602 ( i fixed them ) but i can't get past iTunes error 10 (which i red is no longer accepting the trick with preserving baseband)

    i've tried almost everything i read and i know. So i need help from you please.

    What do i need to do in order to go upgrade on whatever iOS that is HIGHER than 4.3.3 just to have an preserved baseband so my geveysim will work and also i can Jailbreak my iPhone 4?

    I have tried
    iTunes 10.4 ; iTunes 10.5.2 ; iTunes 10.5.3 ; iTunes 10.6
    Deleted iTunes and all his components like
    Apple Software Update
    Apple Mobile Device Support
    Apple Application Support
    Then tried all of above steps with all iTunes versions.

    Best regards and thanks in advance !
    2012-03-18 03:39 PM
  2. Susty's Avatar
    Has the phone ever been on 5.0.1? It's shsh's from 5.0.1 that you need...
    2012-03-18 04:22 PM
  3. Trajce10's Avatar
    No it has not been on 5.0.1.
    The highest it has been is 4.3.3
    Thanks for your comment
    2012-03-18 04:57 PM
  4. Susty's Avatar
    In which case your out of luck, you can't put 5.0.1 on it, all you could do is put it on 5.1 (custom to preserve the current baseband) but that doesn't have an untethered jailbreak at the moment. So really you should stay with 4.3.3 until a jailbreak for 5.1 should be released.
    2012-03-18 05:10 PM
  5. Trajce10's Avatar
    In that case. Can i go to 4.3.5 ? have jailbreak and preserve my baseband? thanks
    2012-03-18 05:49 PM
  6. Susty's Avatar
    If the highest it's ever been on is 4.3.3 with a jailbreak, then that's it.... 4.3.3 is it. Apple don't sign anything other than 5.1(at time of writtibg this for iphone4), so IF you was on 5.1 & didn't like it... You could go back to 4.3.3 as you'd already have shsh for that.
    2012-03-18 05:56 PM