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    When i put siri on my iphone in may it wasnt working until i got the wordjelly server certificate in june which i forgot to do the whole time. then it was working good till around late june. thats when i read from twitter that the wordjelly servet was down. then i just waited till they annoced the server back up then i tried using siri again but it still didnt work. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling the certificate and rebooting my phone over and over again. still dudnt work. i tried getting different proxys nd certificates and did the same thing and it still fidnt work. to this very day siri still says its unavalibe. it hasnt been working for mad long but i kinda choose not to say anything till now. so any help thou? Thanks?

    Sincerely ya boy
    - G.I.$
    2012-07-17 10:06 PM