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    First off, im really sorry if this isnt in the right place...i know you guys hear that a lot, but i just wasnt sure where to put it, and this seemed like the best place.

    I jailbroke my 64GB 4th Gen iPod Touch, and everything went good. Im now trying to add as a source and i get "Verification Error: Could not connect to the server." Is there anything i can do about this to try and fix it? It takes like 10 hours for my ipod to restore because of how much media i have.

    2012-07-18 06:41 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    /Thread moved.

    To answer the question, the repo may be down. Attempt to add another repo of any sort, if it adds then the problem is not your jailbreak or Cydia but the repo itself.
    2012-07-18 06:44 PM
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    Ok, so i added ***** earlier and all went well, and i just added ******...i have no idea what that is i just added it because i needed something. Anyways both worked fine.
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    2012-07-18 06:52 PM
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    We don't condone piracy here on MMi. Your post has been edited.

    If your other repos that you've installed work fine, then the problem is with the repo server not the jailbreak, or your phone, or Cydia. There isn't anything you can do about it if the repo's servers are down.

    /Thread closed.

    For future purposes, do not reference to piracy-related repos/items. Thank you.
    2012-07-18 06:57 PM