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    I have an Iphone 3G 4.2.1(8C148) I had to downgrade to the ipad baseband but my phone is moving a bit slow for the last couple days. I deleted my songs and vidoes and there still seems to be hitching when loading up apps and even moving between pages and opening messages and pics. Would upgrading help if so how do I do it without it affecting my jailbreak and unlock?
    2012-08-15 05:21 PM
  2. iYeow's Avatar
    Your 3g does not have enough RAM to run at IOS 4.2.1. You can downgrade your firmware from 4.2.1 to 4.1 for better performance.
    When you downgrade your firmware, you need to rejailbreak and unlock your iphone again.
    2012-08-15 08:45 PM
  3. Kreskilaree's Avatar
    Thanks alot. Will the downgrade have any affect on the phone with the ipad baseband.
    2012-08-15 10:25 PM
  4. iYeow's Avatar
    You can downgrade using custom firmware or using stock firmware but you need to kick out error 1015 .
    You can also downgrade your ipad bb to 05.13 using this redsn0w 0.9.14b2 then downgrade your firmware using custom firmware to 4.1.
    By downgrading your bb, you fix your GPS function.


    After your initial Downgrade of your baseband, to downgrade to 4.1, put iphone into dfu mode and restore to stock 4.1, kick out error 1015 and jailbreak it with Redsn0w 0.9.6 beta 6 or higher.
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    2012-08-15 10:28 PM