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    Ok, so I purchased a GSM iPhone yesterday to jailbreak and unlock to use on T-Mobile. So when I get the phone I go through the set up and there was no wifi? But I just set it up with iTunes instead. The phone had iOS 6 after I set everything up, but I wanted to downgrade to 5.1.1 so I could go untethered. NOTHING I do works. Everytime I try a new suggestion, I get another error. Every process I do to fix an error, gives me a different one. I kept getting 3194, after I fixed that, I got 1600, so I followed a tutorial and made a custom 5.1.1 firmware with sn0wbreeze 2.9.5. Then I started getting error 11, and at that point I just gave up and turned to the forum. Now when I try to use the custom 5.1.1 firmware it just says the servers or something are not available. Any help is appreciated, I'm just so frustrated that nothing is working.
    2012-09-29 06:35 PM
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    What iPhone exactly? Do you have blobs saved for it? If its 4s then no you can't. If its ip4 yes you can but only with blobs.

    I just realised there that you said you just bought it..... If its an iPhone 4 then the best you could try Is use tinyumbrella and request shsh from cydia and see if there was any saved. If they're saved your in business if not then its not possible.
    If its an iPhone 4S then forget it it can't be done yet.

    The fact that there is no wifi is probably 1 of 2 scenarios..
    1.its been water damaged (which you can check by removing the rear cover)
    2.its one of the unlucky ones that have a problem with the new ios 6 FW.

    If you google IOS6 no wifi there is plenty of documented cases of people having the same problems.
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    2012-09-29 06:44 PM
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    It sounds like its a 4s
    I have the 4s & tried to downgrade from ios 6 & got the exact same errors

    Really miss the jailbreak on my phone

    ios 6 Has got to be the worse major upgrade that apple have made
    2012-09-29 07:27 PM
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    You get the same errors with the 4 too ya gotta stitch the FW to the blobs before restoring.
    2012-09-29 07:31 PM