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    iPhone 4G stuck in black screen and I can't restore it (error 3194). So I tried using redsn0w but I need to put in DFU mode, I can't put it DFU mode because the power button is jammed -_- so I can I get some help/link/tutorial :3???
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    2012-10-22 07:26 AM
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    This should help ya with ya button.
    2012-10-22 10:59 AM
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    Can you please come clearly what exact ERROR you getting please... Error 3194 refers to USB problem try to change port clean you're dock. Reboot system.. And if still same format PC or try on another PC...
    Read more at http://www.transfer-iphone-recovery....very-mode.html
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    2013-02-07 03:04 AM
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    I'm sure he has it figured out by now. Please to bump old threads thank you.
    2013-02-07 03:14 AM
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    Error 3194:
    When attempting to update or restore an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, iTunes may display "Error 3194" or the following message: "The iPhone [device name] could not be restored. This device isn't eligible for the requested build."
    This occurs when iTunes is unable to communicate with the update-and-restore server ( This is most likely because it is being blocked, redirected, or interrupted by security software, hosts-file entries, or other third-party software.
    And here a step-by-step tutorial may help you get iPhone 4G out of DFU Mode.
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    2013-05-13 10:14 AM