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    As per the heading,i think ive lost my way in the jailbreak world.im tired of random resprings & random safe modes,tired of having to keep shsh blobs,tired of Cydia apps not working well with each other,tired of manually theming as Winterboard is so cRAp and saurik never updates it so it ACTUALLY works like it used to.Ive always supported Cydia devs,and have never installed any pirated apps (ive spent nearly $100 in Cydia alone over the last 4yrs,and donated $60 au to the devs for Absinthe).
    To me,its becoming harder and harder to justify jailbreaking my idevices anymore,the amount of tweaks i install you can count on 2 hands (Springtomize 2,ifile,cyntact,airblue sharing,iknowit,bitesms,NCSettings,thats pretty much it).
    I have updated to iOS6 on all my idevices bar my recently purchased new ipad16gb wifi,both my iphone 4 32 GB & ipod touch 4G 32GB are semi tethered till "when ever" an untethered JB comes out.i just dont know what to do,If i stay jailed i will really miss bitesms,ifile,and springtomize 2,but i gain these if i jailbreak.
    Who here has done away with jailbreaking,i would like to hear your thoughts,but would also like to hear thoughts from jailbreakers too
    ipod 4G,32 GB-iOS 5.1.1-Jailbroken (redsn0w)
    iphone 4,32 GB-iOS 5.1.1-Jailbroken (redsn0w)
    i really,really hate using Winterboard
    2012-11-01 07:51 AM
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    I'm tired of the cat & mouse game of jailbreaking. Especially the waiting after every update. The dev team do a great job and I appreciate what they do, but I also have a considerable amount of money invested in cydia apps that I can't use until a jailbreak is released. I think it's my decision and while it will never happen, I think apple should include a "jailbreak on/off toggle" in settings. I would even be fine with them not supporting my device if I turn it on. I'm on iOS 6 on a 4s (soon to be iPhone 5) and miss lock info, bitesms and a few other tweaks. If apple would allow quick reply/compose for messages and clearing individual events from NC, I may be able to live without a jailbreak. Till then, I'm anxiously awaiting a jailbreak.
    2012-11-01 01:54 PM
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    I just wish I had another charger for iphone 5..... much less a JB.
    2012-11-01 09:21 PM
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    I think what you're really sick of is JUNK apps you're installing.

    A lot of jailbreakers seem to feel the need to install every little tweak that mildly interests them. I think this is a mistake, as there is a lot of crap tweaks and apps out there that will slow down or crash their phone. When users begin having problems with their device, they automatically blame Cydia or the jailbreak itself. By the way, this is what every day must be like with Android and their open platform

    Anyway the key to jailbreak happiness is to install only the stuff you really need, and then only QUALITY tweaks from the big name devs. And NEVER 1.0 software!

    Since upgrading to the iPhone 5, I'm sorely missing my JB apps. Life without LockInfo really sucks. TetherMe and PandoraSkips are some other important tweaks to me. The big one though is SBSettings with it's quick access to wifi and Bluetooth toggles, especially given the iPhone 5's dismal battery life. I need to turn these off whenever possible so I can make it through the day without juicing up, and always having to go through all the menus has become tedious.
    2012-11-02 01:22 AM
  5. Firefighter0205's Avatar
    I loved having a jailbroken phone for the useful and the just plain fun tweaks (like Barrel) that make the phone personal. I am afraid that the jailbroken phone is becoming a thing of the past. Apple has spent so much time and money making them Jailbreak proof its ridicules.
    I do love the time and effort the Dev-Team and all the others have put into it over the last 3 years that I have been jailbroken and I am always happy to kick some cheese their way but they must be tired of this cat and mouse game a well. I’m growing tired of choosing between the new iOS and whether or not my phone is Jailbroken.
    Before the unlocked iPhone I didn’t have a choice but now factory unlocks are readily available and to be honest, it is a pain in the *** to keep all four of my family’s iPhone up to date AND jailbroken.
    When/if a new untethered jailbreak comes out I’m sure I will install and donate if for no other reason than to just to fly the digital bird at Apple but I can live without it.
    Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!
    2012-11-03 11:33 PM
  6. Wargasmtornado's Avatar
    Its not so much about crap apps that i have installed,i always do alot of research on any app/tweaks i install from cydia.im just starting to get over the whole cat & mouse game,the mouses would be very tired after all these years,and Apple are now much wiser onto the expoits,as most of the time,they get released publicy way before the untether comes out,and they get patched-look at 6.0.1,its patched most of the vulns,so now we will be waiting until 6.1 gets released before we get an untether,like,apple released ios 6 in may?,but were still on a semi-tether.
    It took me 2 hrs trying to downgrade my iphone 4 from 6 back to 5.1.1,i was getting real frustrated about it(had to end up using redsn0w 0.9.14b2 to get it to downgrade -_- ).i used to jailbreak my ipod 4G,but i updated to 6.0.1,also updated my ipad 3 wifi to 6.0.1,i just really couldnt be bothered jailbreaking everything i own anymore.
    I personally think we wont see an untethered till middle of next yr,when apple release 6.1 golden master ios.thats a long time to stay semi tethered,which i cant really justify waiting that long anymore.if 6 untethered comes out,im sure ill be straight onto it like everyone else,as there are quite a few tweaks i miss on ios 6 (NCSettings,Adblocker,Gridlock,Springtomize 2,ifile,bitesms),but as i use my phone more then anything else,it is more important to have it untethered as i work out in the bush,where random resprings and crashes just dont cut it
    Me,as well as some of the devs/tweak devs i follow on twitter,are starting to beleive that the days of jailbreaking are coming to an end,albeit,a very slow,painful end.....
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    ipod 4G,32 GB-iOS 5.1.1-Jailbroken (redsn0w)
    iphone 4,32 GB-iOS 5.1.1-Jailbroken (redsn0w)
    i really,really hate using Winterboard
    2012-11-03 11:58 PM
  7. NakedFaerie's Avatar
    I'm desperate for a way to downgrade the iPad3 as iOS6 sucks big time.
    I miss jailbreaking and the awesome apps and tweaks that come with it.
    I always have SBSettings installed and have my free RAM and IP and Wireless Network name in the statusbar.
    Then there is the background changers for NC and Siri and IntelliscreenX which puts Twitter and Facebook into tabs in the NC.
    Then the last is LockInfo which puts alerts in their place on the lock screen.

    Just those 3 tweaks make the iPad a lot better. Then there are all the little tweaks that always get installed like NoSpot, iFile, Quick Clear, Browser Chooser, Double at, password pilot, Switcher cleaner,

    The main problem with jailbreak apps is MOBILE SUBSTRATE. That's the buggiest app in Cydia.
    I've always said its buggy as hell and its never been fixed and other apps are depending on it.
    I've done tests and as soon as MS is installed the crashes and problems start. Remove MS and you will see the stability come back. Pity you need it for all the good apps.

    I just fixed an iPod Touch 1G and installed MS and it was crashing all the time.it booted up in Safe Mode. I removed MS and its all good now. Its faster and stable and boots normally.
    2012-11-04 07:35 AM
  8. zedbra's Avatar
    yah, JB can be a pain... the waiting, random crashes, etc.
    IMO it wouldnt be neccessary to JB if Apple would allow 3rd party apps like Android does.

    i recently bought two iPhone 5's and im really missing certain tweaks and Apps.
    all i really want at this point is to "blacklist" calls and customize different aspects of the UI.
    Apple forbids these simple wants leaving me a bit annoyed.

    all-in-all its a great phone, but i do like the idea of open source Android a little better
    2012-11-04 06:30 PM
  9. BrainSmashR's Avatar
    For me it's about customization...the ios interface is boring and looks exactly like every other iphone, so my solution in the future will be quite simple, No more Crapple products....
    2012-11-04 06:35 PM
  10. zeneleven's Avatar
    just felt sorry.. cant enjoy the phone without being jailbroken..
    2012-11-05 09:06 AM
  11. NewD's Avatar
    just felt sorry.. cant enjoy the phone without being jailbroken..
    +1. That's why I'm still on 4S now - after having been the first in line at my Apple Store from iPhone 2G on - always buying the newest phone on opening day. My phone usage ethos is so entwined with jailbreak apps now that I just can't go back. And I won't get the 5 until its jailbreakable. I think it will be closer to Christmas when we get the JB but it could be next year.

    One thing's for sure - each new iOS adds 10's of thousands of lines of new code. That creates incalculable new exploit potential. But some of the devs sell out to Apple cause they can make so much $ from Apple hiring them. So it IS going to take longer and longer to get untethered JB's.

    By this time with iOS 5 and A5 devices we already had the devs showing their untethered JB. We have nothing yet for iOS 6 and A6 after the same time period. Not even a hint. That means we still have a very long wait.

    And by the way - my phone is NOT slower in any way than a stock phone. Nor does it ever crash. And I have over 30 tweaks and apps. The key is using paid apps only - and preferably no first revs (1.0 versions). I just wish there were more RAM on iPhones.
    2012-11-05 01:34 PM
  12. Sash12's Avatar
    Ughhh I can't agree more with everybody. I'm tired of apple and their micromanaging methods. I love their products, but their ego has become too big- beginning with the apple maps conversion then the USB charger switch. I'm also an avid google voice user which leaves me with no choice but to jail break in order to use GV properly. And yet jail breaking is becoming harder and harder. I feel stuck . I wish apple would just stick to what they're good at and quit trying to take over the world. Everything I own is Apple, but MODIFIED. Maybe its time to start looking into droid or Samsung
    2012-12-28 12:58 PM
  13. NewD's Avatar
    And yet jail breaking is becoming harder and harder. I feel stuck . I wish apple would just stick to what they're good at and quit trying to take over the world. Everything I own is Apple, but MODIFIED. Maybe its time to start looking into droid or Samsung
    I wish it were that simple. No true Apple user could ever really make the switch to android. The "i" world we live in with iCloud and all our calendars and PhotoStream synced between devices and computer thru the air without ever using a cable - and integration with our computer's OSX.. iTunes, etc, etc.. You can never really make the switch to Android. That's the great weakness of 'open platforms' - yes, you get freedom to mod your phone but you get NO integration without jumping through insane hoops. Things that are automatic to you now - would be suddenly gone over in Android-land. It would be too frustrating. I've know person after person fed up with Apple's closed system go to Android only to be back to Apple very quickly.

    We just have to suck it up and wait for jailbreaks. I warned and warned people not to upgrade this time as it would be almost a year before we'd get a jailbreak from all I'd read - but people just have to have the newest iPhone. I understand. I used to be that guy too. But I'm happy as a clam still on my jailbroken 4S. I'll be getting my iP5 this weekend - but moving my SIM back to the 4S and using my 5 as an iPod touch just to test drive iOS 6.
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    2012-12-28 03:24 PM
  14. TeflonDon's Avatar
    The two things I miss are iBlacklist & xCon. And that is the only reason for me sticking to the 4s. iBlacklist is the main one.

    Something tells me that a jailbreak will never happen ios 6.xxx
    2012-12-28 10:27 PM
  15. NewD's Avatar
    The two things I miss are iBlacklist & xCon. And that is the only reason for me sticking to the 4s. iBlacklist is the main one.

    Something tells me that a jailbreak will never happen ios 6.xxx
    Never's a long time. lol.. The issue is more - will it be useful if we only get it 2-3 months before the next phone comes out. People have been used to jailbreaks coming out within 4-6 weeks release of a new phone. It was a lot longer on 4S with iOS 5.1 - people got very impatient and I understand why. But this is the longest wait ever.
    2012-12-28 10:31 PM
  16. Sash12's Avatar
    At least Killbackground still works <don't even think about it apple>
    2012-12-29 09:54 AM
  17. kenaroni's Avatar
    I too have gotten tired of trying to keep our older iPhones updated at home (we're on T-Mobile USA).

    At first it was kind of fun with the original 2G iPhone and the first jailbreaks. But now, after so many different bootroms, basebands, and IOS versions, I don't really want to stay in the game anymore and try to keep up. I'm pretty good at figuring things out, but it's getting too difficult for me. However, I do have total respect and awe for the people who figure all of this out and make it available to the rest of us.

    I recently got my wife a nice, used iPhone 4 that is like new, but I ran into a problem when I realized that the baseband got updated when I restored it to IOS6.0.1. I successfully jailbroke the iPhone, but the Ultrasnow unlock that I always relied on to access T-Mobile won't work with the baseband version she now has.

    I started reading about the IMEI based paid unlocks that people are offering, and at first I thought it had to be a scam. But since I seemed to be out of options, I tried one out from an eBay seller that only charged about $5.00, and had tons of good feedback ratings. I was notified by email that they successfully unlocked my phone, so I restored to stock Apple IOS 6.0.1 and I'll be damned if it didn't work flawlessly! It rebooted and connected to T-Mobile immediately, and iTunes said something like "Congratulations, your new iPhone is ready". My wife has been using the iPhone for a week like this and it seems fine. Supposedly the unlock is permanent for all future IOS updates.

    This seems to be the way to go for me, even though I would very much miss some Cydia apps like BiteSMS, and SBSettings. By the way, don't pay $50 for an IMEI unlock if you decide to try that route. There are cheaper ones that seem to work just as well.
    2012-12-30 03:37 AM
  18. xboxbml's Avatar
    I dunno if I'm over it...since I got this ip5 I'm kinda missing my SBS n Lockinfo...not missing too much yet but once I go back to work Tuesday after being on vacation I'm sure I will.. This is lightning fast compared to my 3GS so I think I'll get used to it..
    2012-12-31 02:08 AM
  19. td1439's Avatar
    Not at all. I'm kicking myself for upgrading to iOS 6 when I got my 4S a few months ago. I miss creating new homescreen looks and tweaking lockscreen themes. So tired of Helvetica and grey linen!
    2012-12-31 09:56 PM
  20. joe121592's Avatar
    Gotta have JB!

    The ability to have total control with iPhone to pioneer receiver is priceless.(car audio)
    2013-09-28 10:42 PM
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