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    Hi my jail broken 4s on 5.1 stopped connecting to mobile internet so I decided to just choose the having problems option in iTunes and restore. However when it went to update it failed giving an error 21. I've tried the fixes online however they haven't worked so I think its probably a hardware problem. My phone is insured so I can get it replaced. However if I do send it back will all my information such as emails, photos etc be retrievable. I'm not sure if the phone erased everything before failing at the update stage or if all my info would be on it. Can anyone advise on the above and if they have any solutions to fix it or to making sure my data has removed. My phone is stuck in recovery connect to itunes mode and when I try and resolve it just error 21 again. Thanks
    2012-11-18 09:10 PM
  2. iYeow's Avatar
    Have you updated to latest itunes before restoring to IOS 6.0.1 ?
    2012-11-18 09:56 PM
  3. Superflye's Avatar
    Have you updated to latest itunes before restoring to IOS 6.0.1 ?
    I had done. I've actually managed to get the phone running again via downloading tiny umbrella and clickling the recovery fix. All my info was still on the phone so iTunes didn't erase it. Not sure if I try a restore again or not now.
    2012-11-19 12:10 AM
  4. iYeow's Avatar
    if you are at 5.1 and no jailbreak, you might as well restore or update to 6.0.1 and wait for a jailbreak.
    Remember to sync with iTunes first, drag your photos under DCIM folder onto desktop so you dont lose your photos.
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    2012-11-19 03:52 AM