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    I bought my iPhone 5 on launch day over 3 months ago and gave up my jailbroken 4S. Boy what a mistake that was. I'm not that guy that says he's going to switch to android but I may downgrade and buy another jailbroken 4S off of the internet. I learned a hell of a lesson. Do not upgrade your phone until their is a jailbreak for it because it might not happen. I do appreciate the devs taking time away from their personal lives to work on this for us. What are your thoughts about iOS6 A5/6 being jailbroke in 2013? Is it worth hanging on to hope? Unfortunately I've lost most of it. A jailbreak for iOS6 is looking grim IMO. Apple is winning this battle.
    2013-01-01 04:33 AM
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    It's going to happen. To much money into it for it not to happen. Cydia just to name one. Devs won't let us down. I still have my 4s and mess with it couple hours a day messing with themes or just downloading new tweaks to test them. But will that have a jailbreak yes. Just time will tell when.
    2013-01-01 04:44 AM
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    Not going to happen...Jailbreaking is donezo in any meaningful capacity. Apple won when they started the A series of chips...it was only a matter of time. The devs just aren't good enough anymore
    2013-01-01 10:07 PM
  4. 2k1's Avatar
    Doubt that
    2013-01-01 10:14 PM
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    ^Totally agree, it will happen.
    2013-01-01 11:43 PM
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    2013-01-01 11:50 PM
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    Gotta love the dev team
    2013-01-02 12:39 AM
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    It won't happen before the iPhone 6 arrives. I'd make a wager on it if I were a betting fellow. At least it won't happen for the public.
    Oddly, the iPhone 5 can already be jailbroken but you have to have a Dev account to make use of it.
    2013-01-03 09:16 PM
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    Yeah the man responsible for the Absinthe jailbreak pod2g starting a twitter trend today with #weWantAnOpenIOS I'm really thinking the devs are baffled.
    2013-01-03 09:24 PM
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    Dunno kinda upset about it all
    2013-01-03 09:27 PM
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    pod2g has also said he will return to working on the jb once he's finished with the website for his App Store app. further, @JailbreakCon tweeted today, "Its not dying at all, people are working on a iOS6 jailbreak."

    the wait time is going to get longer with each new iOS. personally I think pod2g's twitter movement was just a general statement of philosophy that Apple should open their iOS some and allow for some level of customization & tweaking. obviously many agree but Apple wants us stuck in a world of Helvetica and grey linen.

    edit: also there's an online petition via twitter (http://twitition.com/mdinc). probably about as effective as a one-legged guy in a butt-kicking contest but I'll be interested to see how many signatures they can get.
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    2013-01-04 04:06 AM
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    The main demand for jail breaking seems to have shifted from tweakers to pirates, so some of the devs appear to be losing interest.

    Once the cracked app sources are closed down (already gone) I suspect we'll see Apple loosen the reins again, until then, I doubt we'll see a JB.

    I've been un-jailbreak'd on my two phones since the launch of ios6 and other than SBsettings and Lockinfo, I can't say I feel the need anymore. Until XBMC is in the App Store I could never have a un-jailbreak'd iPad though.
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    2013-01-04 09:14 AM
  13. King_O_Hill's Avatar
    I'd like to think its gonna happen soon, but I'm starting to think it may not happen at all. It really doesn't matter how much money is involved, if they can't get it to work, then that's it.

    It is a damn shame the apple can't some how make this happen. It's like a free R&D team with thousands of members. I really think their missing the boat here.

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    2013-01-04 09:34 AM
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    The odds of seeing an untethered jailbreak any time soon for iOS6/iPhone 5 are very small. Apple hired or paid off most of the talented people capable of producing jailbreaks. Then Apple used their knowledge to lock iOS down even tighter. In some regards, that's a good thing - it makes piracy a tiny bit harder (though not much!) and it secures your phone. A phone that can be jailbroken CAN be a security risk to you and the data you have on your phone. But some important notes here: 1) Jailbreaking isn't the problem - it's the fact that your (non-jailbroken) phone, if stolen, could be jailbroken by a thief. This means, in effect, no iphone data is ever really secure, because a thief could simply turn off the phone (leaving findmyiphone useless) and wait until a jailbreak is available. (Even for iOS6, there's a possibility it might be jailbroken in a year or so.) 2) Some past jailbreaks, such as Comex's pdf exploits, closed the security hole behind them once you were in to the system. Genius! On the other hand, bootrom exploits represent a permanent security hole, which is why Apple puts so much effort into ensuring they don't leave any holes here and why Joshua Hill has zero chance of finding one. (He's going to spend the next twenty years running the same tests the army of Apple engineers have already cleared.)

    Jailbreaking iOS devices is only going to get harder and some devs are ok with this. i0n1c thinks it's great that the "app that can't be named" is gone, because 95% of jailbreakers are pirates and will now stop clamouring for a jailbreak. I'm also glad the pirate site is gone, but I don't know where i0n1c gets his 95% figure from. I think many, many iPhone users and devs would love to have an expanded API and an ability to customize. Apple could allow that without allowing piracy. The piracy argument always makes me laugh - it is ridiculously easy to pirate apps - and you don't need a jailbreak to do it. Jailbreaking is not about piracy and personally, I don't think i0n1c's 95% figure is accurate.

    People that want to customize in the future will, IMHO, have no option other than Android (which is actually not that bad and many of you will be happy you jumped ship and surprised you didn't go sooner!). Something else is also dying with jailbreaking and that is modmyi.com. I've been a long-time reader of this site and used to find it useful for news, but have become increasingly alarmed at the direction this site is taking. The site is now plagued with sleazy, unscrupulous advertising. There are many useful mods, tips and practical news items about iOS security and jailbreaking progress that could be reported here, but aren't; examples being the recent FlashArmyKnife app and pod2g and flawlessfox's recent twitition on "IWantAnOpeniOS". You tip modmyi about issues that would be relevant to people wanting to mod their iPhones, but they ignore you and instead run articles on Apple's share price. (Yawn.) Modmyi also has draconian censoring rules that, for example don't even allow you to spell out the name of long-gone pirate apps, like **********. (Which is silly - let's face it, ********** is history.). Modmyi also indiscriminately removes entire articles if you're critical of the site or their moderating rules. Let's see how long it takes them to pull this one.

    My last few words are directed to the modmyi editor who is about to remove my post: Just think about what you're doing. Have we stooped to the level of China or Iran, that you need to censor freedom of speech? If modmyi goes around deleting any post that makes it slightly uncomfortable, modmyi deserves the death that's coming to it.
    2013-01-04 10:23 PM
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    The odds of seeing an untethered jailbreak any time soon for iOS6/iPhone 5 are very small.
    Kinda funny that a few hours later, PlanetBeing goes on Reddit and confirms he's got his iP5 running 6.0.2 with a working untethered jailbreak. Sounds like the JB devs are waiting to see what exploits get fixed in 6.1 before finalizing the untethered JB for public use, but once 6.1 goes live it shouldn't be too long at all.
    2013-01-05 03:18 PM
  16. 2k1's Avatar
    I think that's what there plan is.
    2013-01-05 03:25 PM
  17. csglinux's Avatar
    Kinda funny that a few hours later, PlanetBeing goes on Reddit and confirms he's got his iP5 running 6.0.2 with a working untethered jailbreak. Sounds like the JB devs are waiting to see what exploits get fixed in 6.1 before finalizing the untethered JB for public use, but once 6.1 goes live it shouldn't be too long at all.
    Go back and carefully read everything planetbeing said. iOS 6.1 closes holes he's using and they intentionally want to hold back additional exploits for future development. This is still a dev-only jailbreak and may still be a "failbreak" in that it doesn't yet allow full kernel functionality. The fact that he has an untether is great news, but the fact is, the public still needs to be very, very patient. We aren't going to see this any time soon.
    2013-01-05 04:47 PM
  18. td1439's Avatar
    Go back and carefully read everything planetbeing said.
    I read it very carefully. It sounds like there's one specific exploit they want to save for future work, and that there's no point in releasing anything this close to the release of 6.1. He said, "Anyway, where there are 4+ bugs (that it took to get this to work), there's gotta be one or two more..." I took this to mean, "once 6.1 is released, we'll see which exploits it closed and start working on a 6.1 JB" - but of course that's just my take on it. Later in the discussion, PB said he's got MobileSubstrate working, so it sounds like a pretty complete JB.
    2013-01-05 09:12 PM