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  1. austinlee45's Avatar
    hey guys. so i'm having trouble jailbreaking and activating my iphone 3gs, it has new bootroms and etc. so first off, my lock button is broke. completely. so to start with, i have the latest version of redsn0w, I was on ios 6.0, then i plugged into itunes last week, told me i had to restore it cause of some problem, so i did, but i forgot that i didn't have the sim card. so then i looked for ways to jailbrake it, well, i couldn't put it into dfu mode wihtout the lock button, so i used the dfu ipsw option and created a dfu ipsw for 6.0.1 os. well, i did that, and then i used sn0wbreeze and created a jailbreak for it to restore using itunes. i used ireb to put it into pwnd dfu mode asnd tried to restore it. then i got different itunes errors, like 1600 and others, so i'm just stuck in pwnd dfu mode, and i don't know what to do to fix it. I just want it restored and unlocked so i can have my music and etc. i'm still on the dfu ipsw 6.0.1 . i DO not have a lock button. so if someone could give me a step by step fix, that would be so helpful.
    2013-01-25 07:11 AM
  2. Orby's Avatar
    So as I understand it right now, you're stuck in DFU mode from a straight-into-DFU IPSW, correct?

    What I'd like to try is restoring to a stock 6.0.1 IPSW via redsn0w's "Restore" feature (Extras -> Even More -> Restore), and let's see how that goes.
    2013-01-27 12:22 AM