1. masterbeat99's Avatar

    Have just completed successful iPhone 5 Jailbreak with Evasion but have annoying bug/issue. Everytime the phone is raised to face (make a call, listen to voice mail, use Suri), it turns off the display as normal reaction to raising to face, bu the screen will not come back after removing from face (or hanging up, etc).

    The only way to get display back is to press the top button.

    So you can't hang up a call when done because the screen is black when you remove the phone from face.

    Only installed tweaks so far are intelliscreen and Glaskart theme through Winterboard.

    Anyone else having this problem?
    2013-02-05 06:36 PM
  2. braddk's Avatar
    Yeah have the same problem youre not alone bro...
    2013-02-08 04:04 AM
  3. Mafz99's Avatar
    I've got a worse issue when I go through the jailbreak there's no icon on the home screen on a iPhone 5 6.1 help please!!!
    2013-02-08 10:37 AM
  4. Repins's Avatar
    Hey there. I am having the same issue. Has anyone found what is causing it? I am also having another issue as well. My phone will Dim and I can't do anything else but hit the top button as well.
    2013-02-08 02:13 PM
  5. Alllex81's Avatar
    I`ve the same problem, I thnik it`s happening because of some unoptimized tweak I`ve installed. But which one?
    I also observed that sometimes after making calls the screen turns on, but it happpens only once!

    If you`ll find a solutions please let me know!
    2013-02-09 01:01 PM
  6. Repins's Avatar
    What Cydia apps do you have installed?
    2013-02-09 05:56 PM
  7. Alllex81's Avatar
    Activator, Anyring, Appcent, Applist, Barrel 2, Folder Enchaser, Forecast, Fullscreen Safari, iFile, 3D maps on iOS6, LibWeather, NCSettings, NoNewsIsGoodNews, NoVoiceMail, PasswordPilot, PowerSoundDisabler, SBSettings, Springtomize 2, vWallpaper 2, WeePreferenceLoader, Zyphyr, Zeppelin
    2013-02-09 07:57 PM
  8. masterbeat99's Avatar
    I too had vWallpaper 2 installed, and when I removed it, this problem went away. Very bummed, as I love vWallpaper, but I can't have the phone locking up every time you raise it to your face.

    It appears vWallpaper hasn't been updated in ages and developer non-responsive. I hope they come up with a new version for iOS6 or does anyone know of any other tweaks that play video wallpapers in background?
    2013-02-09 11:23 PM
  9. Repins's Avatar
    Thanks guys. It was indeed vWallpaper. I will write them and hope I get a response.
    2013-02-10 01:44 AM
  10. masterbeat99's Avatar
    Let us know if you get any response from vWallpaper. Love that ap!
    2013-02-10 03:57 PM
  11. iphoneboob's Avatar
    It's vWallpaper! But a new update has just been released.
    I'm trying it now to see if it's fixed.
    2013-02-11 05:19 PM
  12. masterbeat99's Avatar
    Awesome! let us know if the update fixes the problem!
    2013-02-11 05:29 PM
  13. iphoneboob's Avatar
    Works fine after update.
    2013-02-11 05:45 PM
  14. Repins's Avatar
    I still have issue with it after their update. When the call is connected the screen stays black when you pull the phone away from your ear. After I uninstalled it again I was fine again.
    2013-02-13 08:31 PM