1. BRSxIgnition's Avatar
    Hi, this is my first post.

    I'm loving my evasi0n jailbreak so far, but it seems that after last night, one of the many tweaks I downloaded is causing my music app to crash when I switch to it, about 80-90% of the time. It will just load the list of whatever category it's on (album, songs, etc) - for a second, then crash. It also sometimes crashes when selecting the icon normally, or when switching between lists in the app itself. All I know is that one of my tweaks or packages is making my music app unstable.

    I have many tweaks and such enabled, so rather than going through them one by one, I'd like to know what may be causing it - my info is as follows:

    iPod Touch 5G 64GB
    Jailbroken iOS6.1 (Evasi0n)

    Cydia Packages installed:
    • Activator (1.7.4)
    • AppCake (3.6)
    • AppList (1.5.2)
    • ******* for iOS4.x - 6.x (2.3-5)
    • APT 0.7 HTTPS Method (
    • Auxo (1.3.1-2)*Might Be Causing Issue?
    • Ayecon (1.2.2)
    • BigBoss Icon Set (1.0)
    • Browser Changer (1.11-3)
    • Browser Changer SBSettings (1.0-2)
    • Cydia Installer (1.1.8)
    • Cydia Translations (1.1.0)
    • Default HD SBSettings (1.2)
    • evasi0n 6.0-6.1 Untether (0.3-1)
    • Folder Enhancer (1.9.4-1)
    • GUI-GPG-SEC (1.5-20)
    • HYI Repo Icons (6.0)
    • iHacksRepos Repo GUI F... (2.1)
    • Low Power Banner (1.4.1)
    • Maps Opener (1.1-1)
    • Mobile Substrate (0.9.3999.6)
    • Mobile Terminal (520-2)
    • NC Settings (1.6.1-1)
    • Nitrous (2.0-1)
    • NoCoverFlow (1.0)
    • OpenSSH (6.1p1-11)
    • Repo Icons (1.8)
    • SBSettings (6.0.5-1)
    • sbsettingstoggles (6.0-2)
    • Serious SBSettings HD (1.4.1)
    • SinFuliPhoneRepoPrep (4.3)
    • SOSiPhone (0-1)
    • Substrate Safe Mode (0.9.3999.6)
    • vShare (2.0.44)
    • Winterboard (0.9.3908)

    Bold Items above are ones I think MIGHT be causing the problem, bold blue items are those purchased through Cydia officially.

    Can anyone provide me with any assistance?
    2013-02-09 05:06 PM
  2. RM7's Avatar
    NoCoverFlow. I had a similar problem and after I uninstalled it, the problem appears to be gone.
    2013-02-10 06:19 PM
  3. cowburnator's Avatar
    Ur problem comes from *******.
    Should stay away from pirate apps anyway. Gives the whole scene a bad rep.
    2013-02-10 06:44 PM
  4. xxxhackaxxx's Avatar
    The problem is for sure NoCoverFlow, I had it installed, my music app wouldnt load up and would crash. I uninstalled it and now it works fine. I believe the dev has updated the page to say its not iOS 6 Compatible.
    2013-02-10 08:11 PM
  5. BRSxIgnition's Avatar
    Thanks, both of you. I will be deleting both NoCoverFlow and the pirating apps. I barely play games anyway, and those I do play are on PC. Can't find anything good on iOS.

    Thanks again - hopefully it will stop happening.
    2013-02-10 08:13 PM