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    I was hoping someone could please help Me,

    I had a Iphone 3G or 3GS giving to me a while back where I got it unlocked at a store and CYDIA installed Where it was working perfectly FIne, I downloaded apps and all types of stuff then oneday I woke up and It didint want to turn on,??? tried charging it and it just has the plug into itunes LOGO on the screen which i have been told is Recovery MOde?
    I go into my itunes where it says "Itunes noticed phone in recover mode must restore but when I click the restore option in itunes It seems to go all the way to the end Uploading restoring firmware then right at the end I gett cannot restore firmware ErroR 1015?

    I have tried to look this up online and how to fix this but it seems very confusing, Ive tried downloading redsnow,Snowbreeze,tiny umbrella etc Downloading custom firmware installing that Doing this but its getting me nowhere

    Is my phone BRICKED AS YOU say and cannot be restored? ive seen articles on the internet with ppl saying they fixed their phone by doing certain steps but Mine dosent seem to work?

    Can Anyone please help me with this? Any suggestions steps?

    I would appreciate it greatly thank you very much

    2013-02-17 03:43 AM