1. alex-xx's Avatar
    Hi guys.
    Yesterday I updated my iPhone 4s to
    Hell yes!! My baterry is much much better.
    2013-02-20 03:28 PM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    That's good thanks for the update
    2013-02-20 04:21 PM
  3. rasputin007's Avatar
    I updated my son's 3GS to 6.1.2 and after the restore it said that the T-Mobile sim card was not supported and I should insert a sim card of an approved operator.
    A call to Apple soon showed that the 3GS was now locked to O2.
    That 3GS was a replacement 3GS which he got in Dec. 2012 and it worked perfect with the T-Mobile sim until I decided to upgrade.
    On Saturday I get another replacement 3GS from Apple, will be the third replacement in 3 month.
    2013-02-21 09:51 PM
  4. alex-xx's Avatar
    My man I feel sorry for you.
    I thing you should Update your sons
    Iphone 3gs to to iPhone 4 !!!!! Apple don't give a ****" anymore for old devices.......??
    2013-02-21 10:07 PM
  5. rasputin007's Avatar
    It actually was a good deal. I bought a "faulty" 3GS 32 GB (same as my other son has) for a few bucks from Ebay, then paid 129 for an out of warranty replacement 3GS at Apple store. Still much cheaper then a working 3GS 32 GB on Ebay, but with brand new housing and 90 days warranty. OK, 2 weeks later it needed replacing due to hardware fault, but it worked perfectly fine until I upgraded. Now I get another replacement 3GS with brand new housing and another 90 days warranty.
    2013-02-21 10:26 PM