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    hi guys i have an iphone 3gs ios 4.2 thats been jailbroken via cydia... i got it this way !!!! as it was on o2 originally and thats what i use in addition never really used any of the apps.... i am at point of upgrading to iphone 5..... so thought will reset the phone as o2 have supplied unlatching.

    i have hit reset network settings on the phone after backing it up however when i turn on its the frozen jailbreak icon i managed to get it to reboot and its now in a state of activate your iphone as if new handset, o2 sim in it buy does not recognise it so no network ... i went thru dfu and i hit restore and after it downloaded software still did not work...

    i wish i never touched it...

    how do i get this working again?

    thanks in anticipation
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    2013-03-03 07:39 PM
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    You can't do a normal reset on a jailbroken phone, take that as a lesson learned.
    Put it in DFU mode, then restore to 6.1.2 manually by downloading the ipsw. Hold shift and press restore in iTunes, select the ipsw, and restore/activate through iTunes.
    2013-03-03 09:42 PM