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    Hi I'm new to this jailbreaking thing but I have managed to do some tweaks & do some themes but I am having trouble with trying to get a theme that will remove the grey pinstrips, grey safari bar & anything that is grey on my iPhone 3GS IOS 6.1.2. I have also added cleanstatus so I can change the colour of the icons in the status bar to pink but after installing cleanstatus the clock in the middle of status bar has disappeared, I have tried using SBSettings & Springtomize2 but to no avail. I am willing to go to the settings to change the colour but will need it explained in simple terms eg: where do I go to find these files, can I use a pc to alter the files on my iPhone etc...

    Many Thanks to anyone who can help me.
    2013-03-05 04:14 PM