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  1. renatobarcellos's Avatar
    I'm new here and new to JB as well. I've jailbroken my iphone 5, iOS 6.1.2 about 2 weeks ago, so I'm still getting used to how it all works. So far I love it and have no intention of going back to jail!
    My problem is that starting today (at least I realized today) my phone does not connect to the iTunes store to update my normal App Store apps.
    I'm thinking it has to do with the release of iOS 6.1.3 and my phone being JB. Any thoughts?

    PS: sorry if that post doesn't belong here...
    2013-03-20 11:11 PM
  2. King_O_Hill's Avatar
    No, that happens. I can't remember for sure what I did the last time that happens to me. But don't sweat it, search google or someone will come by and drop some knowledge.

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2013-03-20 11:24 PM
  3. renatobarcellos's Avatar
    Well, thanks. I'll try some Google work (all I was getting was form years ago). I just get anxious seeing the notification badge increasing... hehehe. I like to update my apps as soon as they're available. It's part of my weirdness...
    2013-03-20 11:44 PM
  4. 2k1's Avatar
    Oh I'm with ya. I just clear badges if I don't wanna update to it and git rid of my OCD with that lol.
    2013-03-21 12:24 AM
  5. renatobarcellos's Avatar
    Lol. I'm going crazy trying to find an answer. I see people with the same problem all over and no answer that works for me came up yet. I'm frustrated, even thinking about restoring my phone and forgetting about jailbreaking again... :'(
    2013-03-21 12:33 AM
  6. 2k1's Avatar
    I couldn't do that
    2013-03-21 12:42 AM