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    Do not try this yet. Seems to be leaving people in soft DFU after the iFaith restore. May be something wrong with this version of iFaith. ih8snow is looking into it. Until then DO NOT attempt this. If you have an old bootrom 3GS then you can restore without shsh using latest snowbreeze to any 6.X firmware. New boot 3GS, iPhone 4 cannot at the moment but should be able to. Will update this thread when a safe way is found to do so.

    Quick little guide as I am seeing this question pop up a lot now. Will add pics later when I get some time.
    This will only work on A4 devices or lower eg: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 etc. Will not work on iPhone 4S or 5. You will need windows to do this as iFaith is windows only. Redsnow can do 6.0 stitched firmware I believe if you want to use a Mac but it doesn't yet support the higher 6.X firmwares. If you only have a Mac you can use windows in boot camp or a virtual setup using vmware, parallels or virtualbox. I used Parallels.

    If you want to save all your apps/music/contacts etc you can do a iTunes backup first and then restore that backup after. Be aware if you had issues before restoring a backup can potentially bring those same issues back. Pkgbackup or openbackup can backup your jailbreak stuff but again be aware that if you are coming from 5.X or earlier firmware they can potentially load a tweak that is not compatible with 6.X firmware and cause issues.

    1: Download tiny umbrella
    2: Open tiny umbrella, click advanced. Change the default shsh save directory to somewhere simple like a folder on your desktop named "shsh" (make the folder there first).
    3: Tick the box that says request shsh from cydia
    4: Plug in your iPhone 3GS/4
    5: Click on your device in the left pane and then click save shsh.
    6: Tiny umbrella will save your available shsh from cydia to the folder you made. Close tiny umbrella, you no longer need it.
    7: If you have any 6.X firmware then you can restore to whatever firmware the shsh is for. If you don't have 6.X shsh then you are out of luck (unless you have an old bootrom 3GS).
    8: Download the 6.X firmware for your device for the corresponding shsh that you were able to save. You can get firmware here: Firmware
    9: Download iFaith
    10: Run iFaith and choose option to "build signed ipsw w/blobs"
    11: Click browse for shsh and point iFaith to your 6.X shsh you saved
    12 Click browse for ipsw and point iFaith to the 6.X firmware you downloaded. Or you can get iFaith to download it for you if you want.
    13: Click build ipsw
    14: iFaith will make your custom firmware and put it on the desktop
    15: Follow the instructions iFaith gives you for entering pwned DFU (with iReb)
    16: Once in pwned DFU open iTunes. Hold down shift and click restore. A window will open where you can choose the custom firmware you made on your desktop.
    17: Let iTunes restore your device, then activate normally once done
    18: Use evasi0n to jailbreak and install cydia

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    2013-03-21 06:03 AM
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    Great tut, really helpful!

    I am looking to upgrade my iPhone 4S 5.0.1 to iOS 6 / 6.1 / 6.1.2. I have googled, looked on youtube, I just don't find anything.
    2013-03-21 12:10 PM
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    Can't be done sorry you will have to go to 6.1.3
    2013-03-21 12:25 PM
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    2013-03-22 02:10 PM
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    Thank you Simon
    2013-03-22 02:22 PM
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    Not looking good right now from the recent chatter on twitter. I don't know exactly what is going on but it sounds like blobs saved just from cydia are not going to cut it for going to 6.X for iPhone 4 or new boot 3GS. It sounds like you will have needed to be on 6.X firmware and have extracted the SHSH directly from the device itself using iFaith or redsnow to be able to be "good" SHSH in order to get to 6.X firmware.
    2013-03-24 03:02 AM
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    That's not good at all apple did this?
    2013-03-24 03:04 AM
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    Not sure yet. Just watching the twitter talk between ih8snow and musclenerd about it.
    2013-03-24 03:08 AM
  9. 2k1's Avatar
    2013-03-24 03:17 AM
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    Hey I have a 3GS new boot currently on 4.3.3 jailbroken with blobs saved. I'm trying to update to 5.1.1. Will the method above work for me?
    2013-03-25 10:45 PM
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    Hey I have a 3GS new boot currently on 4.3.3 jailbroken with blobs saved. I'm trying to update to 5.1.1. Will the method above work for me?
    For 5.1.1 yes, this method should work for you. For 6.X this method will only work if you saved your SHSH with iFaith or redsnow. Make sure you have 4.3.3 SHSH saved before trying though just in case.
    2013-03-25 10:49 PM
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    Thx I have SHSHs saved from 4.0 up to 6.0.1.
    2013-03-25 10:53 PM
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    2013-03-25 10:54 PM
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    Is there an echo in there
    2013-03-25 10:54 PM
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    Is there an echo in there
    lmao, seems so
    2013-03-25 10:54 PM
  16. 2k1's Avatar
    Seems so
    2013-03-25 10:57 PM
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    Thx I have SHSHs saved from 4.0 up to 6.0.1.
    You should be fine to try it then. Any issues just let us know and we will try to help.
    2013-03-25 10:58 PM
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    iTunes just quit on me just as the restore was taking place. The iFaith logo popped on my phone and the the staus bar started moving and then iTunes said a problem has occurred and has to close the program.
    2013-03-25 11:45 PM
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    Gave any iTunes error?
    2013-03-25 11:47 PM
  20. sixfootsix's Avatar
    No just said iTunes has stop working. I just put the phone back in dfu mode and tried it again and now it gives the 1600 error

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    2013-03-25 11:50 PM
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