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    All of a sudden I have been getting random springboard crashes when I toggle my silent switch from silent to ring. It doesn't happen every time, and seems to happen when the phone ewas performing another action at the same time, or almost at the same time. For instance if I close or open an app and flip the switch at the same time, or I unlock the phone and flip the switch at the same time. It seems that it the phone is "doing" anything, I can't toggle the silent switch.

    I assume this has to do with some Cydia package I might have recently installed, but I was wondering if anyone else is having similar problems?

    FYI, I'm new to jailbreaking and everything that goes along with it, so I don't know a lot of the technical language. Thanks in advance for the help! Great forum!
    2013-03-21 03:49 PM
  2. EVO's Avatar
    Welcome to MMi!

    my guess is one of your cydia tweaks also

    toggle switch itself won't cause the crash, the software communicating with it will

    what i would suggest you do is take note of your tweaks, uninstalled each one, and reboot the device after each un-install and test the toggle switch
    2013-03-23 09:24 AM
  3. Skywaulker's Avatar
    I too have the same problem. I have more Cydia packages installed than anyone would possibly ever need so going through the list and uninstalling one-by-one is more trouble than its worth for me. It will happen to me a couple times a day and at random. The only common factor being that it only happens when switching from Silent to Normal, and vice-versa.

    I was thinking maybe we could compare our list of tweaks and break the list down to the tweaks we both have installed and go from there. Coming from my point of view, that should definitely narrow down the list from my current 100+ to hopefully a much ore manageable number like 10 or less.

    I've always had a tweak addiction.. Haha

    I do want to point out that I have HUDSliders installed in there and thought that one in particular may be the cause, as it is executed any time the switch is toggled. Do you have that one as well?

    I am running iOS 6.1.2 on a 16GB iPhone 5 as well.
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    2013-04-01 02:24 PM
  4. Crackblind's Avatar
    Yup, it's HUDSliders that is the issue. I was having the same problem but it stopped once I uninstalled HUDSliders. Thanks for suggesting that.
    2013-05-19 04:41 PM