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    Hi guys,

    I read about some weird things here on iOS 6.x JB with Evasi0n, here's my stuff:

    I can not send text messages. IMessage is fine (blue), and some numbers are fine as well for text message SENDING (green). But now no matter what kind of number I type in, I get a red bubble to them with a ! in a red circle, and the green send button won't activate. Of course the numbers are correct.

    Receiving text messages is operational from any kind of number, normal and short ones too.

    The simcard itself works perfectly for sms sending, I checked it with another phone, plus I got it checked (and my sms settings on their side as well) with my carrier, no problem there. I tried another simcard in this 3GS (another carrier, since it's a factory unlocked phone), it does the same thing.

    There's no sms setting possibilities whatsoever in the settings app for text messages, I have nothing else there but the iMessage activation button.

    For obvious reasons I don't want to update to 6.1.3 to fix this. Anybody has an idea how is this fixable? Thanks guys!
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    Is very difficult to troubleshoot your SMS issue. Restore to stitched custom firmware created by snow breeze with ur saved blob if you have any.
    2013-04-12 05:39 AM
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    Thanks for the reply!

    Is there any way to avoid sn0wbreeze? I had several buggy experience with it in the past (I don't know what the current situation is though). I don't mind if I have to do some editing in iFunbox or something like this, it's not completely new to me...
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