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    EDIT: I cannot restore my phone. Error -1.
    I have tried two different IPSWs. I have tried three different computers (albeit all PC, none mac). I have tried DFU and Restore mode. I have tried fixing recovery. I have the latest version of iTunes. There is no firewall. There are no other USB devices plugged in. I'm stuck on "Connect to iTunes" and cannot restore my iphone.

    So I changed my password last night to keep my friend from being able to get into it (he found out the password i have always used) and after a few beers i completely forgot what I changed the password to. It is now locked, disabled, and asking me to connect to itunes. I figured the iPhone would see iTunes is logged into my iTunes account or give me the option of recovering my password with my iTunes account information but it looks like from everything i've seen online the only solution is to restore it.

    I am running 6.1.2 on a jailbroken iPhone 4s.

    Is there a way to access my iPhone without restoring? I'm most concerned about losing the jailbreak.

    I'm not sure if TinyUmbrella on my MacBook Pro has backed up the blobs because my macbook pro is about 175km away from me (I get back to it on tuesday)
    I regularly use cydia so would it have saved my blobs?
    If its possible to save the blobs at this juncture using tinyumbrella i will do that, but on this PC laptop it will involve downloading some sort of java something.

    If i would be able to restore my 6.1.2 firmware then i don't care about having to restore.
    If i can downgrade from 6.1.3 to 6.1.2 then i don't care about having to restore.
    I just don't want to lose my jailbreak.

    to anyone suggesting i may have stolen this iphone, i didn't. and however i can prove that i will (this includes posting my applecare plus receipt, my purchase receipt, a photo identification matching me to these documents, anything).

    thank you
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    2013-04-13 08:57 AM
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    Sorry, there is no possibility to restore 4s to 6.1.2. Only option you have, if you have to restore, is 6.1.3 and I am afraid, you already know, what does it mean
    2013-04-14 04:28 PM
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    You can try to enter DFU mode to recover your iPhone's passcode and keep all your data safe in phone. Get detailed support from What to do When Forgot iPhone Passcode on "forgot iPhone password" to help you restore iPhone data!
    2013-04-15 03:31 AM
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    thanks for the replies.

    at the SAME MOMENT that i went ahead to restore the iphone, i found out 6.1.2 still has a passcode lock vulnerability. so that could have been my solution.

    however, now my problem is my phone will not restore. error -1. i've tried on other computers. i've tried different ipsw's. i've tried fixing recovery. it will not work
    2013-04-16 06:20 AM