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    Good Afternoon Guys -

    I have an iPhone 4s which is jailbroken running 6.1.2. Earlier today, I installed a Cydia app in which I thought may enable serial use in the phone's bluetooth stack. After installation, it prompted for a reboot and I accepted.

    After coming backup, the phone was in Safe Mode. I exited safe mode and the phone resprung as it should. The next thing that appeared was the grey IOS Setup screen with an overlay of asking for my passcode. I entered my passcode and the following happened:

    1. Slid slider to start
    2. selected a WiFi AP
    3. Entered iTunes Password (it already knew my account email
    4. Showed "Setting up iCloud"
    5. Showed my Springboard for about 1/2 a second (correct one - not in safe mode)
    6. Automatically resprung showing Apple logo
    7. Started at step 1 again

    I will say that for whatever reason, iCloud hasn't been working on my device for a while and wasn't sure why. Didn't really care about it so left it alone.

    Any idea how to break this cycle and get back into the phone? Rebooting it doesn't change anything.


    UPDATE 1
    After posting, I thought of an idea. I plugged it into the computer, opened iTunes, and selected the phone. I selected that it backup to "This computer" instead of "iCloud" and hit apply. After a second or so, iTunes reverted back to "iCloud" and the sync was over. ARGH!

    Possible to remove the new app via iFunBox or force Safe Mode using TinyUmbrella or any other app?

    UPDATE 2

    Found I could open SBSettings from IOS setup mode. Selected Safe Mode and was able to enter safe mode. Launched Cydia to remove package. When Cydia was loading (not updating) it resprung again.

    Going to try disabling some services

    UPDATE 3

    Opened SBSettings and clicked More to disable some stuff. All of a sudden - it went to my springboard homepage horray! The only problem is that anything I click on doesn't open

    Well - I finally fixed it! I figured that when "updating icloud settings, it restarted because I had issues before with icloud sync. SO i performed the following steps:
    1. Connected to computer and went to safe mode (via sbsettings)
    2. Opened iFunBox - Deleted package which caused issue as well as PkgBackup as I read it caused issues with iCloud Did a respring
    3. Selected to backup to computer in itunes. Wouldn't work before, but after a respring and in safe mode seemed to
    4. Hard rebooted device with both buttons

    It came back up as normal. Thanks for a board to post my stuff on
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