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  1. Liamrox287's Avatar
    Hey, so i'll write the story from the start...

    I have a 128GB iPad 4, when I received it, It was running 6.1 (YES!!)

    I jailbroke it, and began to have my fun, the jailbreak ran absolutely flawlessly.

    Then yesterday I turned it on, and my carrier was playing up (I called them and they confirmed this). So I swiped down from the top and using my tweak "NCSettings", I hit the restart button - No harm, right?

    Well - My iPad began restarting every 3 - 5 mins, constantly, and even after my carrier had fixed the problem, still no data connection.

    Today I figured i'd have to restore it and go to the dreaded 6.1.3 (YUCK!!), however I just went crazy and figure "I can't stuff it anymore" - So I un-installed pretty much every jailbreak tweak under installed packages on cydia. (Not the ones that prompted me they were vital and could cause damage (The only one I hit "unsafe force" on was "syslogd" so I could see why the crashes were happening (installed this via a hotspot and very quickly before the next restart).

    My ipad resprung each time, and Then I did a hard reboot, the only thing left on the ipad (jb wise - all my data was still there, songs, pics etc) was "crash logger". No cydia. I thought I was the first man on Earth to unjailbreak a device without a computer!!

    So anyways, no Cydia icon, so I plugged it into Evasi0n to see "This device is jailbroken, don't jailbreak again" - So what did I do - I jailbroke again in hope of obtaining cydia icon - Nothing changed.

    Now the ipad sits infront of me, completely FIXED - working data, smooth as anything, no restarts (i thought it was a faulty battery originally), however there is no Cydia. But common file browser programs, redsn0w and Evasi0n detect it as JB.

    Now, I want to stay on 6.1 or 6.1.2, not update to the dreaded 6.1.3 and wait an amount of un-defined time, maybe to even find there will never be a jailbreak again!!!

    So what are my options? I've tried putting it in DFU mode, restore mode and even PWNED-DFU mode, and downloading the exact firmware it has on it to select it, it doesn't even try to contact apple servers, i am met with the immediate message of "the firmware is not compatible with this device" - I know it is, i'm in Australia and I downloaded iPad4, GSM 6.1.

    What can I do, what are my options? Cheers.
    2013-05-24 12:42 PM
  2. Orby's Avatar
    Actually, the iPad sold in Australia is the iPad that uses the iPad3,6 IPSW--the "Verizon," "Global," or "A1460" model (weird, I know)... anyway.

    As for the "missing Cydia" thing, did you have any tweaks on there that hid app icons? You can also try a tweak like iLEX R.A.T. and only remove all Cydia options (not wiping everything, unless you want to) and start from scratch for Cydia's purposes.
    2013-05-25 12:36 AM