1. twotower's Avatar
    The title basically says it. I want to Restore my iPhone 4 from IOS 6.0.0 to 6.0.2 but so far have been unsuccessful in doing so, either from iTunes or Redsnow.

    My reason for doing so is that my iphone 4 will not ring when a call is coming in. Everything seems to point to software but I do not want to restore to 6.1.3, as there currently is no jailbreak for that version of IOS. Also my tibetan bowl program will not play sound. I believe the two issues two are related. I can hear the ring tone when under sound preferences I adjust the ring tone volume. This would indicate that the speakers are working.

    iTunes won't authorize the restore to IOS 6.0.1 and Redsnow seems to crash while it is waiting for the iPhone to do something. When this happens, the iPhone looks like it is booting up but never gets past the Apple logo.

    I believe I have downloaded the correct and latest ipsw file to comply with the new untethered jail break. (iPhone3,1_6.0.1_10A523_Restore.ipsw). The next higher version for my phone seems to be 6.1.3.

    My phone is factory unlocked, and now has the new untethered jail brake.
    IOS 6.0.0
    Base Band 04.12.02

    Assistance in upgrading my iPhone's IOS from 6.0.0 to 6.0.4 is appreciated.

    2013-06-01 06:28 AM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    Your best bet is to use ifaith. Extract your 6.0 shsh from the device then restore to a 6.0 custom stitched firmware. Ifaith can guide you through all this. Without proper 6.0.1-6.1.2 shsh you can't go to any of those firmwares.
    2013-06-01 07:04 AM