1. nickbetrous's Avatar
    While in the process updating to the IOS 7 version. when the download ended i thought it was doing it right, because i have already done this to my other iphone 5. When it finished it didn't work and said i need to be an Iphone Developer Program Portal. I then tried to restore my phone and Itunes wont allow me to even restore or back up the phone. it just says "We're unable t complete you activation."
    2013-06-16 07:49 PM
  2. SawyerBenjamin's Avatar
    Well, you can try this.
    Open iTunes, hold down the Shift button, on Mac I think you hold down ctrl, and then left click on "Check For Updates". Then navigate to your iOS 7 ipsw. Idk if it'll work though. This is actually how you were supposed to do it in the first place if you dont have a UDID.

    If it doesnt work

    You can find a website that allowd you to pay a small fee to add you to their Developer account. They will then activate your phone on their Dev account and you can use your phone again.

    No telling if a site will rip you off though. So Im not responsible if that happens.
    2013-06-18 07:13 AM