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  1. waddupgeoff's Avatar
    i gave my phone to a friend to upgrade to IOS 7, i didnt know it was illegal without a developers account.
    But just lastnight, my phone locked after i changed the date to get more lives in candy crush and now it says i have to activate it "your phone could be activated because the activation server cannot be reached"
    then when i plug it into the pc and open itunes it says my software is out of date (ios7 beta 2).
    Ive tried restoring it but i cant since it says i have to turn off find my iphone, i would but i cant get pass the activation screen on my phone. I've tried restoring it in recovery mode but after extracting it says the servers cannot be reached or are temporarily unavailable. I know we shouldnt have the beta but it was so tempting.
    2013-06-27 01:37 AM
  2. Orby's Avatar
    Protip: Developer betas expire after a set time frame. Moving the clock forward probably triggered this expiration.

    I'd suggest a DFU restore, hopefully that will reset your phone's clock to match your computers and therefore not be locked out. However, without the device being active on a developer account... that may not work so well either... perhaps try iOS 6.1.3/4 as your restore target (Shift + Restore for Windows, Option + Restore for OS X and navigate to the target IPSW, download one for your device here).
    2013-06-27 04:07 AM