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    Hi,I accidently pressed the erase all contents settings,I didn't wanna lose my pictures so I took out the battery right away,It put the iphone into recovery mode,Tried to restore it to 4.3.5 not a downgrade as it was on 4.2.1,Gave me 3194 tried everything hosts file tinyumbrella etc,Then I put it on pwned dfu with redsnow,then I gave up on 4.3.5,Tried to restore it to whatever version itunes was gonna do,Kept getting errors 21.1600 etc Never managed to restore but tu is detecting it as 6.1.3,Black Screen stuck on pwned dfu,Used tu pressed fix recovery white screen came up and bunch of codes after but nothing worked,Please help I beg,Thank you
    2013-07-04 07:54 PM
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    Update : Managed to turn it on by clicking restore on itunes but stays stuck on preparing for restore after that its error 1618

    Edit: If I try without battery error is 1600
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    2013-07-04 11:19 PM